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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Do it for you. Don't do it for a t-shirt or a free bear or a medal.

Whatever you goal, whatever your race, event or number you are trying to hit don't do it for a physical reward. Do it FOR YOU.

I'll never forget the conversation that I had one time about a race I was putting on. It was just a Friday night trail run. Not a big deal and just a $10 entry fee. This later didn't want to do it because there was no "bling".

Do you really need to be "rewarded" with a stupid medal for running 30 minutes in the woods?

Don't get me wrong. My Ironman finishers medal is pretty freaking cool. If is displayed prominently in my living room.

A medal for a 5k? Seriously. That's silly.

The point is a very simple one. Don't do things to get things. You do for you. You do because you are disgusted with what you are what what you look like. You finish a 5k because you are driven to do it and you are going to do it no matter what.

Don't go to the YMCA every day for a t-shirt. Go everyday because you want to be around for your kids.

To many people in our society think that they deserve some sort of prize for showing up. No, you don't need the t-shirt for running a 5k. You need to show up and give your all because your kids mean something and you are sick of that gut.

Whatever the reason you do what you do you need to make it about the purpose and not the silly toy at the bottom of the Crackerjacks box.

My late father (may he rest in peace) taught me the same lesson 30 years ago. I told him that I wanted money to weed the driveway. He told me that if I want to do then do it because I was going to have a nice yard. I didn't deserve a reward because my reward was the satisfaction of a job well done.

Hope that makes sense.

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