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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I am going to do a quick post today and hopefully give you a pretty powerful perspective.

We all have used excuses. Each and every one of us. Sometimes we don't know that we are using excuses but usually they are. Excuses and reasons are not the same thing.

I am going to talk about an excuse that many use that is totally and completely unacceptable as far as excuses go.

Before I do that. Did you see my new blog? --->

Talk about excuses or lack of them. My new blog is going to be about my personal journey to compete in the CrossFit Games. I have lots of excuses but none of them valid. If you get a chance please check it out and share if you think you might know someone that will get value out of it.

As you hopefully know I have been in the fitness industry from 15 years. For many of those years I did the thing that I ALWAYS hated. I gave fitness orientations.

Basically I showed people how to use machines that I disliked and didn't much believe in. It was my job so I did it.

You cannot possible fathom the number of time I heard a woman say the follow, "I don't want to get bulky...."

How many YMCA's do you go to and this is what you see: 

I sorry. You just don't see that.

Women don't get muscular and bulky like men do. Don't get me wrong. Ladies can get a lot of muscle but it takes a TON of work. Female (and males for that matter) body builders do a crazy amount of working out, eating in the middle of the night and supplement like crazy. 

So why do women think that if they lift weights they are going to get bulky? I mean, does the average lady about to start a workout program REALLY think a few trips are the "circuit" is all that it takes to look like the woman in the above picture. 

Sounds ridiculous, right? 

That is not the real story. 

The real story is this: FEAR. 

We fear the unknown. We fear failure. We fear looking bad. We fear being embarrassed. 

The fear is real. When we fear we reach for whatever we can to feel safe. In this case a lot of ladies make up the excuse, "I don't want to get bulky...."

It's a way to feel safe. These are real emotions and it's part of the battle that people face when getting ready to get in shape.

Not going to lie. It's hard.

So do women get "bulky" when they lift weights? 

In a word, not really. For the most part women don't add muscle they way that men do because of a lack of testosterone. 

With a high intensity workout program, proper diet and supplementation woman CAN strip away most of there body fat and add muscle. This takes many months and years for the average lady.

Most women that lift weights will be more toned, wear a smaller size and look better both in clothes and naked. 

Wait. What? That is what weight training does?

Yes it is. Cardio will not do that for you. Weight training will. 

If you think weight training will make you bulky I am here to tell you that it will not. 

If you think that cardio is the "key" to weight loss I am here to tell you that it is not. 

You need to combine weight training with high intensity functional fitness, some "cardio", a balanced diet and supplementation and you will lose fat and perhaps gain some muscle. 

Before we finish there is one thing I want to address real fast.

Some women do put on some muscle. So what? Why is putting on muscle a bad thing? Not everybody is a size zero skinny mini. You are who you are. If you are going to put on some muscle do it.

Not gonna lie. Muscle is sexy. When I first started dating Teresa she was 119 but about 22% body fat. Now she is 132 but 14% body fat. She has guns and they are SEXY. 

Embrace your muscle. Don't think it is a bad thing and don't use getting "bulky" as an excuse not to workout. That is silly and you know it.

Teresa is also very passionate about this subject. She did a blog post over the weekend. Her perspective is the same but it is from a women's point of view... complete with pictures!

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To your success! 
Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
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