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Saturday, July 12, 2014

What say you?

Went to beach today.

As a trainer and general fitness nut I tend to observe people from a fitness mindset. Are they fit? Do they look fit? Are they doing fit person things?

I admit that I was little disgusted at the way people look at the beach.

Not a lot of clothes for people to cover up a lack of good eating and exercise.

While laying in the sun I made an  observation about people in general. Please don't try to fact check these stats because, frankly, I completely made them up.

People at the beach or anywhere else for that matter. Let's assume this is a cross-section of society. Let's break them into categories. I know. Labels are for jars. Relax. It's just an observation.

Category #1: The "don't care and it shows" crowd. You know this type. Gut hanging out. Smoking cigarettes. Drinking soda. Red Bull. These are the people that don't go to the gym and don't really care to. They eat whatever makes them happy at the time. They are on medication. They generally don't feel or look good at the beach.

Not gonna lie. This is 60-70% of the people. Don't believe me? Look up the real stats. Last I heard over 60% of people are over-weight or obese. 6-7 out of every 10 people at the beach look terrible. Let's call a spade a spade.

Category #2: The pretenders. This is 20-25% of the people. Come on. You know there people. They go to the gym a couple of days per week and don't sweat. They walk with the ladies once or twice a month and claim to walk all the time. They eat "salads" every day (or actually once or twice a week) yet hit the drive through on a regular basis.

These people may or may not look pretty good. More often then not they are "skinny" fat. This might be a lady that is 115 lbs yet 30% body fat. We see it ALL THE TIME. At the YMCA we called these people the "start stoppers". They join the gym (in January) and end up cancelling their membership in July (they stopped coming in February).

The pretenders aren't really fit but they aren't super unhealthy looking either. They may even do a 5k everyone in a while just to fit in with the athlete crown.

Category #3: The fit and it shoes. This is where Teresa and I find ourselves. Sadly this is less than 10% of the people now a days. Our society is so fixated on the quick fix and the "easy" way that we have forgotten how to work hard and empower ourselves.

Everyday we see these people. Everyday we either envy them or we join them. Sometimes we decide to become one of them.

It's always up to us.

Let me say that another way.

We DECIDE what category that we want to fit into. WE DECIDE.

Our bodies and our health are our responsibility. You decide the category. Which is most appealing to you?

What say you?

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I will finish with a final thought on this Saturday.

Every blog post that I do has one theme. Have you noticed that? The theme is that regardless of who you are, where you are, what you are or any other factor you can think of... you are responsibly for you and your health is YOUR CHOICE.

I hope to help you make the right choice; that's all. Let me know if you need help. We are here for you.

To your success!

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

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