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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stop quitting

I see it so much but sometimes, like TODAY, it just pushes me over the edge.

If you are tired of starting over. If you are disgusted by some facet of you life. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then.... STOP QUITTING.

Really. It's kind of ridiculous and I see it more than I care to even comment on.

Yes, the quitting drives me absolutely nuts but that isn't the big thing. We all quit because sometimes we have to. Sometimes whatever we quit has run its course and we must move on. I have quit many times. I quit the military. I quit pursuing my dreams in Colorado. I've quit jobs, I quit paying for things... I quit my marriage.

Who has't quit something BIG.

That is not it.

Quitting can be OK.

The excuses that we use are not and to the trained eye it is obvious why you quit something. Usually it is a character flaw. Usually we refuse to stand up and admit that we are lazy, or tired, or we don't have what it takes...

No. Most of the time we find someone to blame. We make excuses for our own flaws by blaming someone or something or some product or some system or our knee or our kids or our spouse...the list goes on and on.

It's not their fault; it's YOURS. You quit for whatever reason. You quit and you try to pass the buck.

Why not admit to yourself at least why you quit and not try to blame the world?

In 1998 I was pursuing my dreams in Colorado but ran back to Massachusetts with my tail between my legs. Why? At the time I did not have what it takes to be success. I was failing and I didn't have enough character to figure out how to move forward without walking away.

That was 14 years, a lifetime ago. but the fact remains that I quit. I can admit now that it was 100% on me but at least I now admit it.

A few years ago I quit my marriage. Why? I didn't invest what I should have to create a successful marriage that would last forever. Can I blame my former spouse? Or the kids? Or the economy? I could but I will not. It was my fault and I walked away and admit to my character flaws now caused that result.

Truth today is that most people aren't ready to give their absolute best. Most people run when the going gets tough. Most people see the first possible excuse to blame this or that and THEY TAKE IT.

"That right there is the excuse that I cam going to use so that I don't have to accept responsibility".

People don't say that but it is the truth.

STOP doing that.

Set you sites and go after what you want.

Want to lose weight? Do not give up until you lose the weight. Want to run or walk 100 miles in the month of October? Why is your TV on EVER if you are behind schedule?

I've been on Facebook for about 4 years now. This is long enough to see some of the same people cycle through and claim to be "on a diet" or doing some sort of weight loss plan. I know people that I have seen do this 3 or 4 times. It's OK to not succeed every time. One of these days you need to figure out that you need to stop quitting but stop blaming and complaining. It's on you. It is 100% on you.

I could go on all day but I don't want to. I have hopefully made my point.

Does this blog post make you mad? GOOD. Go out and prove me wrong. Tell yourself that you are not going to quit no matter what and go out there and GET IT DONE.

Fight till the end and don't accept the excuses that you will be handed along the way. Just tell the excuses, "Thank you but my plans to succeed don't include you."

I don't profess to be perfect or even any better than you or anyone else. Frankly I am sick to my stomach over how many people that I care about quit and aren't honest about the reasons. Stand tall and admit that you just don't have what it takes then get to work FINDING what it takes.

Did you hear me? GET. TO. WORK! Rock on.