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Thursday, August 28, 2014

No Limits

The only limits in life are the limits we place on ourselves.

Look at some of the doers of the world. Some are "talented" and some come from a "good upbringing" or where "born with a silver spoon" or have certain "gifts" but the truly great people of the world are those people that simply decided to define their own limits.

Truly, you are your greatest limitation.

If you really delve into the "why" of lack of success guess what you are ALWAYS going to find at some point? Yeah, it's you.

If you do the same for the true successes in life guess what you are going to find? Every great success that you have is going to be the result of actions that YOU took and decisions YOU made.

When all is said and done it's 100% up to you. Your life is your responsibility. You can either blame the world for all that you don't have or you can get off your ass and make it happen.

It's up to you.

When you peel back the layers and you have the courage to define your true reality you will see that there are NO LIMITS. 

I heard comedian comedian Stephen Wright say this once and it's very funny and prolific at the same time: "Anywhere is walking distance if you have the time."

Same goes for your goals and your vision. There are no limits to what you can accomplish if you have the time, the perseverance and are willing to do what it takes.

The true hero's and legends that we all look up to are the ones what refused to accept the limits that others placed on them.

So to you I say: There are no limits. Release the chains that hold you back. Stop pretending that lock that keeps the chains in place is secured by someone else. Look in your pocket. The key is there.
Here is a 7 step action plan for YOU to live the life you desire:

1. Accept that the past is a book written by you and that the next chapters are also written by you. You determine the story line. Your life is your responsibility.

2. Only read, watch and listen to positive things. Negatively will bring you down day after day. Refuse to be drawn down.

3. Stop complaining. 

4. Stop sharing negativity on social media.

5. Make it a point to set daily goals and ACCOMPLISH them. If you move closer your big goal each and every day then you will get there!

6. Politely dismiss people from your life that don't believe in you and aggressively add people to your life that support you and build you up.

7. Do good. Give back in some way. Even if it is something small that you do just make sure that you are adding value to others when you expect nothing in return.

This list of 7 step is like a foundation. You do this on a daily basis and the world you create is going to astound you on every level.

Trust me.

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Did you get value out of today's blog post? If so will you please GIVE BACK (#7 above!) by sharing so that others may be blessed? 


To your success!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I did well as a distance runner in high school in the 80's and 90's. Clearly I had some talent and I worked hard. I loved the mile and that was my favorite event.

I remember very well my first mile race. It was the "alumni mile." During halftime of the Friday night home football game the cross country team challenged the alumni to a mile race.

I finished 5th and ran 5:05.

In the spring I ran 4:55 in my mile first race and my best that year was 4:49. I didn't even qualify to run at the district state meet that year.

As a sophomore I ran 4:40 and as a junior I ran 4:32.

I had some natural leg speed and I ran a lot of miles so I got stronger as I got older. I trained a lot during the off season and I always gave my all in races.

One day in February of 1991 I ran the perfect race on a perfect day and lowered my best from 4:32 to 4:24. I set the school record that day and that record stood for 18 years. Today the school record at my high school is 4:15.

The race I ran 4:24 was truly epic. It was at the state championships. Do you know what place I finished? I was 6th in that race.

In college I went on to run 4:16 in 1994 and that is my all-time personal best.

I tell you all this for what reason?


What is 4:57?

I was walking around the campus of a local high school on Monday. I thought is was cool that the Track and Fiend school records were on a board outside. Awesome! Of course I zeroed in on the distance records and was shocked and disturbed that the school record was 4:57.

What happened to my sport? Why can't kids run faster than 4:57? To be honest I really am deeply saddened by the trends nowadays. Distance running is a dying sport.

I guess today's blog is a little bit of a downer. I didn't mean for that but I always write about what is on my heart and to see my sport struggling so much is hard for me to take.

I know that distance running is Lake County Florida is a not a big thing. I know there as so many different options for kids in this day and age. I know that ball sports and team sports are more glamorous. It's to hot....the list goes on and on.

I really don't know the true reason for the nationwide decline in the sport of distance running.

I guess it just is what it is.

I will finish with a happy thought. I was a runner in high school and it helped to form who I am. Running was and still is a blessing to me. I am a runner. Running created life long bonds and friendships that I will never lose with people that are amazing. Running connected us.

The memories of the state titles and the championship can never be taken away from me. I was part of an era of fast runners that we may never see again. I am fine with that. Running has giving me so much and I am thankful.

I hope that you gained some incite or perhaps this post got you thinking a little bit. If you got value I would appreciate it you shared with others.

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To your success!
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Group 24 Day Challenge

You have seen me talk about the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge before.


Because it changes lives. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

In the last 2 years we have helped hundreds of people to lose thousands of pounds but more importantly we have helped people to become more and to become better. It's an awesome feeling.

It's a program that I have done a bunch of times (it's not just for weight lose!) and so has my wife. It's 100% safe and obviously totally effective. 

Maybe now is YOUR time? Maybe this is the time that you want to start to create your own success story.

What if? What if it is your time to shed the weight FOR GOOD. If the results above appeal to you then I encourage you to find out more via one of the many resources that are available to you.

Are you super busy? Here is a recorded call for you that is only 7 minutes: 559-726-1099 code 342621 ref#52.

Can you carve out 6 minutes to watch a video on your computer? Here you go:  

Do you want a little more info and a chance to ask questions? Cool. we are doing 2 live webinars in the next couple of days so you can get the details visually and auditory.

Webinars are Monday, August 25th at 9pm EST and Tuesday, August 26th at 1pm  EST. 

Dial in: 559-726-1000 code 342621.

Our group 24 Day Challenge starts next Tuesday. To be part of the September group you will need to order your 24 Day Challenge by Friday, August 29th.

Anybody who joins this group will not only get high qualify coaching to go with the world class supplements but they also will get access to a SECRET Facebook accountability group. In this group we are going to provide daily recipes, workouts and motivation. The value on this is VERY HIGH. Social accountability is VITAL to long term success!

Will you join us?

To get started get with the person that referred you to this post. If you are new and friends with Teresa and I just shoot me an email and we will get you started!

To your success!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

5 workout ideas for YOU!

Have ever heard someone say: "I just don't know what to do at the gym..."

Or maybe you have said that yourself?

In today's short post I am going to show you how to get ULTRA FIT by teaching you 5 different types of workouts that you can do on your own or with others at home, at the gym or virtually anywhere.

Trade secrets coming your way.


You start with exercises. You can pick 1, 2, 3 or 10. Depending on the type of workout it really doesn't matter. Mix them up! Don't pick push-ups, bench press and dips. Add variety! Throw in some running or rowing or jumping jacks as well to keep the heart rate up. I would try to do at least an upper body intensive exercise and a lower-body and perhaps a "cardio" exercise.

When you pick your exercises you are going insert them into one of the 5 routines that I am about to talk about. This really is easy stuff people.

1. AMRAP. "As many reps as possible" in a set amount of time. This is a good one to challenge a friend with. Let's keep it simple: let's pick push-ups, squats and jumping jacks.

Once you get you exercise you pick numbers and a time. How about 10, 10 and 50 for 20 minutes. Here is your workout:

10 push-ups
10 squats
50 jumping jacks
12 minute AMRAP

Are you at the gym? How about this one:

12 leg press
12 bench press
200 meter row
20 minute AMRAP

The possibilities really are limitless. AMRAP workouts are fun because it keeps you moving. My suggestion is that when you do one write your score down and try to beat it next week or next month!

2. Count-down or count-up. I love these workouts. They are so EASY to program and a lot of fun to do. Plus they end up being more challenging then you think.

Here is how it works. You pick exercises, you pick a goal number and you pick a starting number and you go!

Exercises: squats and swings. Starting number: 1. Goal number: 15.

Here is what you do: Do 1 squat and one swing. Then 2 each, then 3, 4, 5.... until you reach 15. That is a count up. The countdown is the same thing except you start high and end low.

You can add variety to this workout by doing something in between. Do you have stairs? Do one set of stairs in between each round. You can do a countdown with just one exercise but using this method!

How about this! You have a basketball court. Do 20 burpees at one end line and 19 at the OTHER end line. Go back and forth till you are done.

An absolute KILLER workout is to pick 7 exercises and start at 1 then go up to 7 and BACK DOWN to 1. What a great workout!

3. TABATA.  Another simple concept than can create a really challenging workout. You can add a lot of variety to this by adding different exercises. The basic one exercise at a time tabata looks like this:

20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest: 8 rounds (4 minutes)

You can keep score in a couple of ways. You can add you total reps if you want. The other way is more fun thought! You "score" is your lowest rep for the entire 8 rounds. If you highest round was 20 but you lowest round was 4...well.... your score is 4. Makes you stay consistent!

To get a killer workout pick 4 exercises and do 8 rounds of each. This will be 16 minutes of pure joy!

You can also mix up the 2 or more exercises. First 20 seconds push-ups, rest 10 seconds, then 20 seconds squats, rest 10 seconds then back to push-ups.....

4. Hopper. Here is how this works. You put the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 in a bucket. You have another bucket and you put 5 different exercises in there. You pull out a number and you pull out and exercise and you do it. When you are done with that round you draw another number and anther exercise till they are gone. You can do what ever numbers you want and as many as you want. You can can have an equal number or you can have some extra exercises or numbers that may not show up.

You can do this is a group and make it fun by letting people pick. Line up the numbers on one side or a board and the exercise on the other side of the board. You can pick which exercise goes with which number but each exercise and number can only be picked once! Start at the the bottom, start at the top, do whatever order you's up to you!

5. Workout poker. This isn't new but it is a lot of fun. I was doing this long before Facebook and CrossFit so maybe I invented it. Or maybe not.

Here is way to do this as a group and make a game out of it.

Hearts: Burpees.
Spades: Jumping jacks.
Diamonds: Squats.
Clubs: Sit-ups.

Ace is 50, king 25, queen 20, jack 1, all other cards use the number. Maybe 7's are zero and deuces are 10 for the other team of something. Be creative!

I know I would be DREADING that ace of hearts!

Each person gets 5 cards and its a race to see who finished first! Winner of each round gets a poker chip. The person with the most chips at the end of 30 minutes wins.

You can also start people with 2 cards and when they finish their 2 cards you give them another. Round is over when all 52 cards are out. Winner has the best poker hand!

You can do this by yourself is a similar manner. Set a timer and try to get through the whole deck. Just be creative and have fun.

Now you have 5 workout ideas to help you vary your workout and get in killer shape. This is how I program workouts for our clients. We try to mix it up, make it a little competitive and have fun!

I hope that this short post added some value to you. If you think it may help others will you please share. I would appreciate that!

Are you looking for a good workout and maybe see some of the concepts above from one of my workouts? Well... you are in luck! We are doing an "open to the public" workout on Saturday! Normally we don't do "drop in" classes but... we do on Saturdays. For just $10 you will get an awesome workout and have some fun.

This Saturday is "Montezuma's Revenge". If you want to know what that is you will need to show up at ASM Fitness, 34 Ohio Blvd, Eustis at 8am on Saturday!

Come with a friend! You will love it!

To your success!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Let's have a philosophical discussion today about why we exercise.


There are lot's of "reasons" that you would give as to why we exercise. Some might say to "look better or feel better or live longer or have more energy or to perform better". There are lots of ways to look at the same thing.

We exercise for all of the reasons above.

This is true but I think it is more that that.

I think that we exercise not to be more than we should be or more than we are but to be WHAT we would be. We exercise to get closer to our potential.

You see, our bodies are amazing machines. We were designed by our creator to do so much more than we do. Our potential is so much higher than what most of us get to.

We don't exercise to be more than we are supposed to be. We exercise to get closer to our potential than we are now.

Maybe that is a paradigm shift for you. Maybe it is not.

This brings me to the topic of pull-ups.

I recently posted a video of me doing 45 unbroken pull-ups. The day before I had posted an embarrassing video of me and a NO REP clean. With all the, ahem, feedback I got from the bad form video I figured I'd redeem myself and post a video of me doing something more impressive then falling down.

I figured I was in the clear with that video.

Survey says....
Apparently my pull-up form was wrong. I love the Taylor Swift song with the line, "people throw rocks at things that shine."

I open myself up so I have to be a man and take it. It makes for good blog post idea. 

You can watch the video yourself below. 

When I look at an exercise like pull-ups I go back to the discussion from early. Why do we exercise? Why do we do it? We exercise to help us get closer to our potential.

If I were to only move my arms while doing a pull-up is that BETTER than the way that I do it? MAYBE I would focus on my biceps and my lats little more. But why? Is it a better exercise to do that? With a set of 45 pull-ups I am jacking my heart rate up, engaging my hips, using my core and stretching all my anterior and posterior muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

It's funny because people that make fun of kipping pull-ups probably go to the gym and do the leg extension machine and crunches. 

People have had this criticism of "kipping" pull-ups ever since CrossFit started teaching them as standard. Heck, maybe even before. It drives me crazy. 

Here is what I think: straight arms to chin over the bar is a pull-up. Period. Why should we not use our body to do the work in the most efficient way possible?

I am 170 lbs. If I did 20 strict pull-ups then I lifted 3400 lbs over the bar. If I do 45 kipping pull-ups didn't I now lift 7650 lbs over the bar? Which one gets you a better workout? Which one makes your entire body stronger? 

You could do the comparison with so many exercises. 10 leg extensions at 60 lbs equals 600 lbs moved by one muscle group. 10 thrusters at 95 lbs equals 950 lbs moved my MANY muscle groups. 

The people that don't like kipping pull-ups are, in general, people that believe in the "body building" way of working out. In other words you target one muscle group at a time so it breaks down and then grows. I disagree with that mode of thinking. I believe that the body is meant to do many things and the rest and recovery may of my not be available in everyday normal life. We have to be prepared for anything! 

I think strict pull-ups are a great exercise. I have nothing against them and they are a good way to help develop strength. But I like kipping pull-ups so much better because they make me more fit and do a better job at helping me to reach my potential. 

So I guess to sum up my message today I will leave you with a simple though to ponder. At the end of your workout are you REALLY tired? Good. It was a success. Do it again tomorrow but try to get more tired. 

Did you know that 4 time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning used AdvoCare supplements? 

If you want to take your game to a new level don't you think putting the same supplements in your body as the champ will help? I know it helps me. CLICK HERE to see what Rich uses! 

If you want to get started with AdvoCare products talk to your favorite distributor and they will help you get started. If you don't have a distributor then shoot me a quick email and Teresa and I would be glad to take care of you! 

Did you get value out of today's post? If so could you please share. There are many out there that might need a little encouragement. THANK YOU!

To your success,
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stupid things people say to avoid being honest

Sometimes I just don't get people.

Maybe it's more than sometimes...

So the other day I'm driving home from somewhere. My phone rings and I see that it is someone that is an AdvoCare customer of mine who I hadn't spoken to in a long time. She got right to the point with why she called.

She called to invite me to a business opportunity meeting.

Now this blog is not about the right and the wrong way to get people involved with your opportunity. I am ALL FOR direct sales and a business opportunity. It's just that I already have one that I absolutely love and that pays me well. I wouldn't look at any other ever in a million years.

That's not the point.

The point is that while I was talking to her I was thinking of how I was going to tell her that I couldn't come to her party.

100% honesty. The beach. We were talking the kids to the beach and we just weren't going to be around. That would have been a clear lie and totally dishonest. What other excuse could I make up...? Hmmm....

When she got done with her invite this is what I said, "Thank you for the invite. I am honored that you thought of us but I am not interested. I am happy with what we are doing and I have no desire to look at anything else. So have you been? Keeping busy?"

She understood and that was the end of it.

Most people go the easy and cheap way. They say, "I'll be there..." then they don't show up. Or they say, "I can't make this one, when is the next one..."

Lies, lies and lies.

I really don't know why people lie to get out of things. Why not be honest?

In fitness I see it SO OFTEN.

So why did you stop going to the gym? "OMG, life got in the way....I got so busy.... the kids went back to school....the kids weren't in school...." BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.....

We just don't want to the tell the truth.

"I gave up.... I quit....I didn't have the will purpose wasn't strong enough...."

My message today is simple. Have the courage to define your reality. Have the courage to say, "I quit because I didn't make it important enough. I quit because of me. I quit because I simply gave up. I quit and I am ashamed of myself for that. I need to become a better person and I am GOING TO TRY AGAIN."

Admitting that we failed at something is hard. Sometimes though it is ok to say, "It just wasn't for me." There doesn't have to be a reason.

Just don't lie or say something stupid. You didn't quit because you didn't like the music. Face the truth and you will feel better about yourself.

Hey, are you a runner? Teresa and I are super excited to announce that we are putting on a local 5k in Leesburg on October 4th. It's called the "Running is for the birds 5k run/walk."

Want to know the REALLY cool part? Well... actually two really cool parts.

Much of the course is on the rail trails downtown. Shade and no cars. Awesome stuff!

The other cool thing about the race is that the cost is just $15 to pre-register and $20 on race day. Can't beat that. Here is the link again:

Did you get value out of today's message? Please share this post if you did. THANK YOU!

To your success,

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tough to fathom

I'll be honest. I have a real hard time understanding certain things. I have a couple of examples today.

This is a screen shot of an email I get 3-4 times per week. Do people REALLY believe this crap? It is tough for me to fathom.

I mean seriously. How dumb are we that we will buy something just because it says "burn fat fast, no diet and exercise"?

Have we become that dumb as a society that people actually believe that the only reason 2/3's of all Americans are overweight is that they haven't tried this pill? 

The sad thing is that people do buy this crap.

I am here to tell you that if this worked then the obesity levels would go down and not up. 


How about this marketing gem that I snapped a picture of as I walked through the grocery store. 

Tell me ladies. Are you going to buy this because it says, "bikini ready". Do you think this "yummy shake" (by the way, "yummy" is a scientific team and the FDA fully supports it.) is the secret that the hot girls at the beach in the bikinis have? 

I know my comments are a little tongue and cheek but I hope you get the point. 

Low grade crap that is marketed to you in a slimy manner just doesn't work. You want to know a secret? If it worked they wouldn't have to do that. It would sell it's self because of the results and the happy customers. 

A quick disclaimer to you, my loyal reader. You know that we are independent distributors for AdvoCare. I don't ever want to try to promote my product my bringing down another. This post obviously goes in that direction. The intent of this quick message was simply to point out the ridiculousness of the marketing campaigned of these products. I hope that makes sense. 

Happy Friday to you all. If you got value from this post today please share it around so that others can get the message as well. 

If you would like to learn more about the weight loss system that we coach people through CLICK ON THIS LINK and send me an email so we can help you get started and coach you up. 

To your success!
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Team

Today I want to tell you about some of the lives that we have changed with AdvoCare as our vehicle.

In late 2011 we said yes to AdvoCare. At the time we were broke, Teresa was working at a job that she hated and I was addicted to energy drinks. We needed a solution.

We made a decision and took action. We went to the highest discount level and started taking products. For us the results were nothing short of AMAZING. Teresa gained 12 lbs of muscle in 6 weeks. I kicked the energy drink habit for good and started performing better in workouts.

As a matter of fact in the 4000+ person Savage Race in 2011 I finished a respectable 7th. In the spring of 2012, after 4 months of using AdvoCare products I won the Savage Race and was paid $500.

The products are amazing and they worked.

We started sharing and we started building a team. Today I want to take the opportunity to introduce you some of our team.

We change lives. We build champions.

This is Jason.

He was one of the first people that we introduced to the 24 Day Challenge. He had been working out with me for 2 years but was still 210 lbs. He worked and traveled all week. On the weekend he was to tired to play with his 4 year old son AJ. He says "I was napping away my kids life". 

He lost 30 lbs and now has more energy than he ever has had. He has kept the weight off and is a champion dad for his son. 

Meet Joe and Linda Peters. Joe is a firefighter / paramedic and Linda is a nurse. This is what they looked like just a few short years ago. 

There was a defining moment in their lives that they become sick and tired of being sick and tired and they began their weight loss journey. Along the way they came into out lives and we introduced them to AdvoCare and the 24 Day Challenge

Check out their transformation.

Linda and Joe transformed their bodies and that is not all. They also have changed their lives. Now they own a gym and they are part of the National Leadership Team with AdvoCare. They are blessing others with their story and earning $1500-$2000 per month by using AdvoCare as a plan B income. 

They are leading an army of people. 

A couple that is part of that army are the Fosters. Here are Delaney and Gary.

When they joined the team in August of 2012 they were in serious need of weight loss and so much more. They have 6 kids that Delaney's home schools. AdvoCare changed there lives and now Delaney works the business and in less than 2 years has matched the income that Gary makes after many, many years in a government job. 

Plus they are down 130 lbs between them. 

AdvoCare has blessed them and they are champions and raising champion kids. Check out their transformation. Wow. 

A lot of times people that do what i do get a hard time from people that don't understand what we do. The purpose of this post today is to show you that we change lives. Here is the proof. As a personal trainer for 12 years I helped people and some people got some results but results like this? No way.

There as so many more. 

How about Ashley and Trent. I took this picture last night. 

A year ago we found our way into their living room. Sure Ashley wanted to lose weight. The 24 Day Challenge helped her lose 14 lbs in 24 days and over 40 to date. 

But that wasn't what they needed.

Their finances were stretched. Their marriage was stressed. Trent was falling into alcoholism and Ashley wasn't being the mom she wanted to be because the was so tired and disgusted with herself all the time.

Now they are champion parents who workout everyday and they are raising 3 champion kids. AdvoCare changed their lives and the tears in Trent's eyes last night showed me that. 

Think Ashley is proud of her physical transformation?

I could go on all day. There are dozens of storys.

2 years ago Mike waited in line with his wife and 2 little kids for 90 minutes in the summer heat. He got to the front of the line for the roller coaster at Universal Studios only to find out he was too fat to fit. 

He was embarrassed and discussed. They found us and got started on the 24 Day Challenge. During the challenge Mike and Brittany both shed 25 lbs of fat. to date Britt is down over 50 lbs. And Mike? Check him out....

This flyer is a couple of months old. He is down 135 lbs now. He is a changed man and a champion for his kids. 

If you still think that direct sales is "one of those things" or a bunch people that want to "take your money and run" or it's a "pyramid scheme" well.... you are dead wrong. 

These are real people who have had there lives changed and they are all on OUR TEAM.

Want more?

Dawn. Check out her before and after.

Dawn was miserable just a couple of months ago. She did the 24 Day Challenge, lost 9 lbs and now is doing CrossFit. She texted me one day and said that she had just "run for the first time in years." 


Lastly I want to introduce you to Emily. This is the picture she posted to Facebook TODAY.

Does this 27 year old, single mom, school teacher exude confidence or what? It wasn't always that way.

3 months ago she came to us at 38% body fat and in a bad spot in life. The was physically weak and she needed motivation. 

We got her on the 24 Day Challenge and she has shed over 20lbs of fat off her body. She is strong and happy and WE HELPED HER to get that point. Ask her if Advocare had something to do with that.

This is a comment from her on that picture when I re-posted it: "Best decision on my life.

The cool thing? She loves to help people. Remember Dawn from the story above? Emily introduced us to Dawn. Now Emily is paying it forward because that is what we do. We build champions. 

I have a lot more story's but I am going to leave it at that for day.

Did you get inspired? Do you want to be one of these stories? 

What is stopping you? If you are already with Advocare well GET TO WORK. Someone out there needs to be blessed with this opportunity. On the fence about whether to join our team another team? 

What do you think your life would be like if you have the weigh loss results like Mike? Or maybe the smile that Emily has? Maybe you need income and would like to earn $3000 per month working part time (10-15 hours per week) like Teresa and I do.

It's all possible with Advocare.

If you know a distributor and this has inspired you then contact them. Tell them that you want to change lives and they will show you how. If you are our friend and have never been involved before then we would be glad to help you get health results or earn some money helping others. The choice is yours.

I hope you got value out of this post. If you did please share this around. Somewhere out there someone YOU know is desperately looking for a way to be one of these stories. Please bless them! 

You are a champion! 
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

B. A. R.

No I don't want you to go to the bar. Not the best idea.
I have an acronym that could change your life for the better. 

Really. Sometimes to make a major change in your life all you need is a slight shift in the way that you think. Are you ready for that shift?

I was at Advocare Success School this weekend. What an amazing experience it was. Cowboy Stadium is a pretty impressive place. Here is what it looked like: 
25,000 people in attendance. Curious thing though. Over the course of the weekend we only got see 20 or so leaders and big income earners. Obviously there are a lot more but it is a relativity small percentage of the 25,000 people in the building. 

In Advocare (the direct sales company that I am part of) only .5% of the 500,000 plus distributorships are on the National Leadership Team. 

It's just like anything else. There are 2.1 million people employed by Walmart. How many make $10,000 per month? I don't know but I bet it's less than 1/2 of one percent. 

The point is that in anything a very small percentage of people excel about and beyond. 

The people that excel. How do they do it?

I think it is super simple. It's the acronym that I mentioned before: B. A. R. 

B - Belief. It may seem simple or it may even seem silly but if you don't truly in your heart believe that you can do it then you can't. Period. If you you believe that you can do it then you can literally do ANYTHING. But belief is only half of the equation. God's honest truth.

A - Action. This is what trips most people up. I am amazed the number of people that talk a big game but yet do very little action to accomplish the goal. You must get off your ass and get to work to get what you want. Truth.

R - Results. With both believe and action you will get results. If you are missing one or the other you will not get the results that you want. It's simple and it's the truth. 

Sadly the achievers of the world are in the minority. Most people aren't successful at high levels. The reason is more simple that most people think. 

It's a lack of belief and a lack of action. 

If you really and truly want something out of life that is more than you already have you MUST start with belief and you must create massive amounts of action. 

I hope you got value from today's simple message. If you did will you please share so your friends can be blessed? 

Are you within an hour or so of Eustis, Florida? If you are Teresa and I are doing a fun workout on Saturday that you may be interested in checking out. It's called "Rick and T's Amazing Race". What is this? You are going to have to come on Saturday to find out! It's going to be fun!

Hope you have a great day. You are a champion! 

Rick Copley | Your Best Fitness Coach  | "Empowering YOU to be a champion" 
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Real Fitness

What is fitness really? What does it mean to be fit? Are you truly fit? 

Teresa was just now telling me about a lady who told her that she could leg press like 300 lbs. Pretty impressive, right? 

Maybe. This lady can't do a push-up.

So does a 300 lb leg press mean you are fit? 

What if you can run a 5 minute mile but can't bench press 100 lbs? Is a 5 minute miler more fit than a guy who can only run 9 minutes for a mile...but can bench press 400 lbs. 

I think it speaks to the essence of REAL FITNESS.

I would even argue that part of what is wrong with the health in our country is that we don't actually focus on true fitness. 

In other words we place importance on singular exercises and numbers when we really need to place value on being fit. 

The goal of today's post is again to get you thinking. 

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Are you happy with the way you look and the way you feel? 

2. Are you focussing one one aspect of fitness? (i.e running or power lifting)

3. Are you you willing to make changes in your fitness plan? 

If you said "no" to either #1 or #2 then #3  better be "YES". 

It's as simple as that. If you focus on one thing you will not get great results long term. 

The message for today may help you if you are wanting better levels of fitness but struggling. 

It could be what you are doing. 

If you want to be personally coached by Teresa and I we would be happy to help. Shoot me a quick email and we can see if you are a candidate for our coaching! 

Please share this post if you find value! THANK YOU!

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Don't make excuses for your addiction

To I am going to keep this post short today. We have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for our twice per year trip to Texas for Advocare Success School. We leave tomorrow.

The message today is short but powerful. 

Don't make excuses for your addiction. 

I had a little bit of negative "feedback" from my blog post about the Coke "share" campaign. What the heck. Negative feedback is still feedback. 

I'll take it. 

My friend and mentor Mike Ferro likes to say that you need to have the courage to "define your reality". 


You have to have the COURAGE even if it's not a pretty picture. 

If you have an addiction you must admit that you have an addiction and admit that you are two weak to fight the battle that you must fight to beat it. 

Harsh? Probably. Truth? Indeed. 

Lots if people have terrible addictions. I'm sure it is hard. There are also lots of people that overcome these addictions. 

It can be done. Addiction can be beat if you have the courage to first admit it then have the courage to beat it. 

It can be done. 

Don't be lame and try to rationalize your addiction or make excuses. "It's not that bad...I and quit's only once in a while."

You are not fooling anyone and you are only hurting yourself if you don't face the problem head on. 

Are you making excuses for your addiction? Stop it. Stop it now. 

You are better than that. 

If you got value out of today's short message please share. Someone one there may need to hear this. I hope that got you thinking.

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To your success!

Rick Copley | Your Best Fitness Coach  | "Empowering YOU to be a champion" 
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy. Have you seen this picture making the rounds on social media?
Brilliant. Freakin' brilliant. 

Dale Carnegie talks about it in his famous book "How to Win Friends and Influence People." What is the most popular word in ANY language?

It's YOUR name! 

It's the word that we all want to hear. We look for it in writing. We listen for it. We want to hear our own name. Research clearly proves that it is the word that we want to hear the most. 

So Coke goes and puts peoples names on their cans and bottles. Wow. That is good thinking. I bet it's made them a lot of money and helped to further our health problems.

Well played Coke. Well played. 

If you don't understand the dangers of soda then you definitely need to educate yourself. Lot's of great resources out there. I would start by going to Google and typing "dangers of Coke".

That is not the point of this article. 

I want to share with you my personal history and my story when it comes to soda and more specifically energy drinks. My hope that is my story will impact and maybe help you in some way. 

I always drank soda as a kid. I was an athlete but I was never told it was bad. I wouldn't say I drank a lot but... yeah...I had my share. 

As I got into college I can honestly say that I got away from drinking soda for the most part. I was never addicted so I just didn't bother with it all that much.

When I got a little older I found Mountain Dew. I LOVED myself some Mountain Dew. I started to get addicted. For a period of time in my early 30's I had to have my Dew everyday. It was a crazy bad habit.

Then came my asthma and other health issues. As part of my change for the better and retaking my health I quit drinking soda for several years. 

It's amazing how much better I felt!

Then I had my first Monster. I think I was doing a a long drive and I needed to stay awake. It's amazing how much of a jolt 16 ounces of Monster Energy Drink will give you! 

A week or two later I bought another one. For a while I had one every other day until the fateful day that I had one two days in a row and I was hooked.

For 3 years I had to have a Monster Energy Drink each and every day. At times I was so poor that I didn't have money to put gas in my car so I could drive to work but I found a way to buy that Monster. It was a sad state. 

Eventually the Monster didn't have the desired effect and by mid afternoon I could either suffer or I could have second Monster. When I had a second one I felt bloated and just BLAH. 

If there was ever a day that I didn't have a Monster you would not believe how bad I felt. 

Then one day I found Spark and I haven't had a Monster since. I feel so much better now that I don't have that addiction. If I don't have the Spark I feel fine. If I have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Spark I feel good and never crappy and bloated like Monster made me feel. 

This isn't a sales pitch for Spark but that is my story and Monster's are out of my life.

Do you see how it can happen? Share a Coke. Share another Coke. BOOM. Addiction.

My message to you today is simple. Don't play into this stupid marketing campaign; and that is what it is. It's a marking campaign that will make them billions at the cost of your health. 

Please don't play into it. Please don't. 

If you drink soda I would recommend two things. First I would look into our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. If you do some clean eating you will automatically start to feel better and it will help you get off the soda. 

Also, I would check out Advocare's Spark energy and metal focus drink. Soda has caffeine and a boat load of sugar and other BAD, BAD stuff. Spark has some caffeine but it is backed up with 21 vitamins and minerals. It costs about the same as soda. Which do you think is better?

I hope that you got value out of today's post. Please share with your friends if you like the message. THANK YOU!

Have a great week! 
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