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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why we are unhealthy?

Really there is no true answer to why American’s are fat, lazy and generally out of shape. Of course everyone has a theory and some of those theories are right although most are simply marketing ploys designed to make themselves money.

Welcome to America people!

I believe there is an overriding reason that the majority of us are sick and unhealthy.

It comes directly from Tony Robbins.

He says that every decision that we make is based on our desire to avoid pain or to create pleasure.

I believe that this is true.

Now,  we know that most Americans aren’t in very good shape. The major problem here is that we do not exercise enough. I think this I can confidently say. Why is this? I think it could be that people perceive exercise as being too hard. In other words it brings them great PAIN to exercise. True?

Now I believe that I could also say that Americans don’t eat the right food for the most part. Another true statement? Without thinking of the health consequences, what is our perception of unhealthy food? (By unhealthy food I’m talking about candy, pizza, soda, pasties etc. etc. Also, I’m talking about convenience foods that are easy to prepare but don’t add a lot of nutritional value to our diets. Things like chicken nuggets, hamburger helper and most cereals.)

It brings us PLEASURE, right? Why do we eat chocolate cake? Why do we eat apple pie? Why do we eat Skittles? Why do we drink Coke? Exactly.

So let’s look at the two conclusions that I just draw. We see exercise as PAIN and eating crappy food as PLEASURE.

Tony Robbins says that all our decisions are based on the desire to avoid pain and bring about pleasure.

Can anyone else so the connection here of is it just me?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cable Sucks

I don’t have cable TV. It’s been close to a year now.

Guess what?

I don’t miss it.

Sometimes I do some dog sitting when my ex wife is away working or on a trip. To make things easier I’ll stay there. She has a TV. Guess what? Yeah, I watch it and it drives me nuts. I hate when I get roped in. I feel kind of silly saying this but I really having trouble pulling myself away from NCIS reruns. Hey, channel 30 has them on all the time. It’s like the NCIS slash House marathon channel; I love House as well.

I can literally watch those shows for hours.

At the end of those hours what do I really get? Yeah, nothing at all.

Whenever I think about adding cable at my apartment I remember what it is like when I can watch TV… I do!

Believe you me. There are times when I wished I had cable TV. Those times are fleeting though. Generally at those moments I pick up my guitar and play till my fingers ache. Sometimes I’ll go for a walk. Sometimes I’ll even just go to bed.

Hmmm. What is more important in the grand scheme of things: sleeping an extra hour or watch another episode of NCIS.

I bet we all know that answer to that one.

I know what you are thinking.

“I have a family and the kids…” Blah, blah, blah. That’s what Netflix is for. Plus there is always the Red Box. 95% of what is on TV is a total waste of time. Take the family out for a walk or rent a movie. You will be so much better for the experience.

There are actually 4 main reasons that I don’t want cable. Here they are in no particular order:
1. I already mentioned the time waste factor. That is a biggie.
2. Commercials. We are the most marketed to society in the world. Quick. Who has enough money to place adds of TV? That’s right. Drug companies, the food and alcohol industrial complex, car companies, lawyers, etc. All stuff we don’t need to hear anymore about. Commercials are like air pollution. You can’t avoid completely but you can try.
3. You get addicted. Just like soda, sugar, nicotine etc. you get addicted to “NCIS” or “The Amazing Race” or some other mindless show that isn’t worth it but you just have to find out what happens.
4. You start seeing TV as reality. Really. TV is nowhere near reality. Who cares what the hell those stupid Kardasians are doing? Come on. Why not put normal people on TV. All you see on TV is fake story lines that all come together is 42 minutes. Just because you witness it on TV does not mean that is how it happens. It drives me crazy.

I refuse to get cable TV. I watch moves with my son from time to time. Otherwise I text with my friends, workout and play guitar till my fingers are numb.

I think I’m cool. It would make a boring reality show though…

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspire me…inspire you

Here is my Facebook post from this morning:

“Still trying to decide which I like better: inspiring or being inspired.”

That’s deep stuff; even for me. So what does that mean and what is the answer?

The word inspire comes from a Latin word meaning “to breath upon or into”. Awesome. Guess we can’t do much if we are not inspired.

But is it better to inspire others. In other words, is it better to compel others to act. Or perhaps it’s better to get inspired because if we are compelled to act there really isn’t going to be much to us. Am I right?

I would argue that the balance of inspiration is way off. Way too many people are being inspired but yet not giving off inspiration. That’s not cool.

You give what you get, right?

I was talking to my Pastor just the other day. He told me how much of an inspiration I was to him. This is coming from a man whose JOB it is to inspire and compel others. Fantastic stuff.

I do the same thing he does. I get up each and every morning trying to inspire others. It is indeed a great life. Still I wonder if I give more than I get. Or perhaps I get inspired more than I inspire.

I know the answer.

It may surprise you. It actually may REALLY make you think about your impact and place in this world.
I believe that we cannot truly ever be happy if we do not EQUALLY inspire and be inspired. If you give so much that you can’t get anything back then you will feel hollow and empty. If you do nothing but take well then happiness will always be elusive.

It’s all about balance. What do you do to give back so that someone gives back to you? Yeah, this is very important thought provoking stuff. If you give nothing you should expect nothing. If you give nothing but expect to be given something (you know, like inspiration).

Where do you honestly stand?

Do you receive no inspiration?

Do you give no inspiration? Whom do you inspire?

My answer to my Facebook post is this: I need to be inspired to inspire. I may inspire people to do things but they inspire me when they do them.

I hope that makes sense.

Now go out there and inspire someone today; now be inspired. I shall do the same.