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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Do your job

I think this is a pretty cool topic and I know that you will get value from my perspective.

Truth be told there is more "failure" in fitness then there is success. I think the reason for this is that to many people are just doing the wrong things, thinking he wrong way and having the wrong expectations.

Not to toot my own horn.....
.... but my wife and I are probley two of the most fit people you know. Also, we have a BUNCH of people that we train that are in the best shape of THEIR lives.

The point is that I know what I am talking about. 

Today's topic comes from a conversation that I had with one of our champions that work out at ASM Fitness. He comes with his wife and one day I saw him walking with her on a 400m run. 

I took him aside and said, "What the hell are you doing?"

You see, she didn't need his company on her walk. She was going at her pace and could complete a 3 minute walk all by herself. His job wasn't to keep her company.

His job was to put her in the car and deliver her to the workout. It was HER job to do HER workout and HIS job to do his workout. The two were confused and they can't be.

It is my job a trainer to provide a challenging workout in an encouraging and safe environment. I do that. YOUR JOB as someone getting in shape is to show up and do your best. YOUR JOB is going to be to come 99% of the way. MY job is to make sure that you are doing your job.

Does that make sense? 

Too many people in this world want to do it for other people. Help others pay for things or create an easy way for them to do X or Y. Sometimes that is not helpful. Sometimes you just need to put them in the car and drop them off. 

I like the word "empower". My job is to write a workout and point to it. "Go!"

Then I throw a few words of encouragement and some form pointers your way and you do it. 

We all have our jobs. 

If you are in need of some better health well then your job is to get healthy. Do you want to help others? Well then your job is to point them to people that can help them. You job is to encourage, support and empower. 

Your job is also to stop enabling people. 

What does that mean?

You and your spouse work out at 6am. Your spouse says, "I'm not going, I'm tired." If you stay in bed with him/her then you are enabling. If you get up, turn the light on and start getting dressed then you are empowering a better decision?

I hope that makes sense.

Part of your "job" as a human is to help and empower others.  Here are 5 ways that you can empower others to live a healthy lifestyle:

1. Share this blog. It may seem like I am being narcissistic and self serving but I really feel that this FREE response could change some lives. Share this and others blogs and article that teach and empower. You never know what someone might pick something up that changes their life! 

2. Invite someone. REMEMBER that you can't do anything FOR people. You can, however, put them in the environment and let them decide for themselves. "I'm going to workout class, would you like to come...." It really is that easy Bring them along! 

3. Live an active lifestyle and post your pictures and feelings on social media or on a blog.  We live in a digital age and that is not going to chance anytime soon. Inspire others on your journey and give them the opportunity to jump on board. 

4. Be the encourager. You can do this in workout class. Your not the coach but you CAN tell someone they look great or encourage someone to keep going when he or she looks tired. Be that person that says good job and gives a fist bump at the end of the workout. 

5. Wear your colors. If you belong to a gym or are involved with supplement company or any fitness organization then wear your colors. Be proud of your active lifestyle and wear it on your chest. People will ask and you can point them in the right direction.

So there you go. Do your job and you will change yourself and you will change those around you and you will change the world.

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Yours in fitness!

Rick Copley | Your Best Fitness Coach  | "Empowering YOU to be a champion" 

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