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Friday, July 25, 2014

Are you coachable?

The biggest success in life come when you are coachable. The lesson here is simple. Want more from life? Become coachable.

I had a lot of good qualities as an athlete when I was young. Being coachable clearly wasn't one of them.

It took me a long time to learn that one. Really wish I had picked it up earlier. More about me later....

So what does it mean to be coachable and how can YOU be coachable?

First we should look at the people that are un-coachable and PROUD. We all know these people. These are the one that will squawk all over Facebook, "I did it all myself with diet and exercise" or the people you know that are going to this or do that and create an entirety new way to do the thing that millions have already done another way.

Do you get my drift on this one?

One of the principles in Jack Canfield's AWESOME book, "The Success Principles" is SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. In other words if you are trying to do something that many people have done doesn't it make sense to learn from their victories and their defeats.

This is the essence of being coachable. This is a lesson that we all need to learn.

If you have a task at hand, a goal, a desire, a dream....the first thing you need to do is to find someone that has done what you want to do and emulate them. Do what they did.

It is also a good idea to be COACHED by someone that has helped others do what you want to do.

I would go as far as to say that the MAIN REASON people fail is they do not seek out guidance from people that have failed and succeeded before them.

Here is your action plan to achieve virtually ANY goal. Ready?

1. Define your WHAT. It's to be CLEARLY define and stated in the present tense. "I am feeling proud and fit weighing in at 130 pounds SO THAT I can be an energetic mother."

Where did I get this from? Did I make this up? No. It came from Jack Canfield's book. If you start making up new ways to succeed based on what you made up then you are setting yourself up for failure. Get guidance. The top success coaches ALL say that you need to know what you want before you can do anything about it.

2. Define you why. This is along the same theme as number one. It need to MEAN SOMETHING. Thus the SO THAT statement.

3. Get help and accountability. FOLLOW A SYSTEM that works. Posting on a Facebook asking a bunch of people that don't know what they are talking about is not the best practice. Find someone that has had proven results helping others and seek guidance from them.

4. Create an action plan and stick to it. The action plan is going to be one that fits your needs but it is going to be one that has worked for others like you.

This is how people succeed. They define what they want, they know why they want it, they get help and accountability and they get to work.

So many people get lost in this process. USUALLY it comes down to people that think it is some big fat badge of courage or something to say, "I did it one my own."

Nobody cares if you did it on your own. It doesn't make your accomplishments mean any more. It just means you are stubborn and uncoachable.

The fact of the matter is that somewhere, someone JUST LIKE YOU did what you are trying to do. There is a system and method. Why make up your own when you can just copy someone else?

I can't tell you the number of times that I have heard people tell me all this crazy stuff they are trying to do to lose weight. Most of those programs don't work.

So to close out today's short post I want to share with you a personal story about me as a young athlete.

I had lot's of success as a runner back in the 80's and early 90's. To be honest I was a handful for my coach. I didn't seek guidance when I should have an I did my own thing more than I should have.

If I could go back I would change one thing and one thing once. I would have trusted my coach more and been more coachable.

I can't change that but you can change what you do. Seek guidance. Be coachable. Succeed. 

It's a winning formula.

My wife and I have helped many hundreds of people succeed in the area of weight loss. We do offer distance coaching to people to help them they their workouts. If you live far from us we can still guide you.

We are here to help. Call me if you you need a coach (352-989-6795)

If you think that there may be people out there in your Facebook world will you please share this post. You might be able to change someones life.

To your success!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach  | "Empowering YOU to be a champion" 

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