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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

10 Keys to RAPID Fat Loss

I said in yesterdays blog that today I would tell you WHAT TO DO as opposed to what not to do.

If you missed it please read:

You know the mistakes but what is the plan.

OK, so you want to lose weight. The first thing you need to do is that you need to focus not on weight loss but on FAT loss. You can cut off your arm and lose 20 lbs. That isn't a very good idea. Let's focus on losing fat and not weight.

So here we go.

KEY #1 to RAPID FAT LOSS: Find your purpose. Like I talked about yesterday, trying to impress people that are just trying to impress you isn't a good purpose. Focus on your family and what you love.

Think back to when you were skinny or in better shape. What did that feel like in comparison to what you feel like now? This could be the start of your purpose. Do you have a friend just diagnosed with diabetes or cancer. Now we are talking about purpose.

Your reason for wanting to lose weigh needs to keep you up at night.

KEY #2 to RAPID FAT LOSS: Get help. You need a coach. You need an accountability group. You need someone that is going to hold your feed to the fire. YOU NEED HELP.

I talked about this yesterday. "I am going to change my diet and start to exercise".

No you are not.

You don't need to spend money here. You can and you should because when you spend money on coaching your coach will be a little harder on you. Either way you need someone you look you in the eye and tell you that it is NOT ALRIGHT to eat that crap and skip your workout.

We have an accountability group we are leading right now. It's called the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. If you are part of that you KNOW how valuable it is. If you are not then you should take a look at it.

If you want to use Teresa and I as your coaches we will be glad to help. My phone number is 352-989-6795. Call me. Email if you prefer:

KEY #3 to RAPID FAT LOSS: Eat more food.

Holy crap that sound totally wrong. You need to eat less food to lose weight. That's what everyone says. Maybe this is the reason that two thirds of our country is overweight.

Just sayin'....

Here is what you need to do. 4-6 times per day you need eat 200-400 calories worth of high quality food including lean proteins and nutrient dense carbohydrate.

STOP THE PRESSES! "You said yesterday not to count calories.."

Indeed I did say that yesterday. I was talking about daily calories and I was talking about the mistake you make in thinking that 1500 calories of cake, ice cream and Fruity Pebbbles is the same as 1500 calories of banana, brown rice, couscous and chicken breast.

If you think that eating less food will help you lose weight you are probably right. But if you want to lose fat you need to fuel the muscles and to do that you need to eat more high quality food.

Don't eat crap. No sugar. No pasta. No white bread or white rice. No creamy dressings. Eat whole grains, fruits, veggies, clean meats, nuts seeds etc. etc. 

KEY #4 to RAPID fat loss: Work your ass off at the gym. Ever seen the Biggest Loser? How do you think they lose so much weight so fast? Are they doing 20 minutes on the treadmill at 40-60% max heart rate and a trip around the circuit?

Absolutely not.

They are doing burpess, swings, running, pull-ups, push-ups, carrying stuff around, jumping over things and basically busting their asses.

Are you doing that? If you want to shed body fat you need to go to the gym and go to the gym often. You can work SO MUCH HARDER then you think. What ever you are doing, do more; every day.

If you are not sore and tired in the morning then you are doing something wrong.

KEY #5 to RAPID fat loss: De-stress. Not gonna lie. Don't have a lot of suggestions for you on this one.

If you are stressed out then you will not lose fat. Sorry, this is a fact.

Focus on the good in your life and the potential. Act with an attitude of abundance instead of scarcity. Act like your are meant to succeed and you will succeed not matter what. Stop acting like the world is to blame for everything and you are getting the shaft all the time.

Life owes you nothing. Realize that and make what you want out of life.

If you are having issues with stress then you need to figure out what is causing stress in your life and FIX IT. Start with the little things and work your way up.

KEY #6 to RAPID fat loss: Walk. If you have any weight at all to lose you need to walk for 30-90 minutes each and ever day IN ADDITION to the workouts that you already do.

When you walk you get sunshine and fresh air as well. BONUS.

Yes this takes time and no you don't need to watch TV 3 hours per day. Remember your purpose. 

KEY #7 to RAPID fat loss. Find an active hobby. Along with that I would say find active friends to do your new active hobby with.

What do you do when you have free time? Sit at the beach? Go out to eat? Go fishing? Stop that crap. Get you butt on a hiking trail some where. Go rock climbing. Go biking. Go roller blading.

Find an ACTIVE hobby. Find a hobby that requires you to sweat a little or maybe a lot. This will help with your stress as well. BONUS.

KEY #8 to RAPID fat loss. Avoid the scale in favor of body fat calipers. I cannot tell you the number of times we have worked with people and they tell us they have lost 4-5 lbs. Sometimes it's a little bit of a letdown UNTIL we test their body fat. Sometimes we see people that will put the right things in their body's and workout like crazy only to see the scale move a couple of clicks. There real story is that they GAINED 8-12 lbs of muscle and lost a TON of body fat.

We recently helped a girl named Emily who "only" lost 5 lbs on the scale but in reality lost 19 lbs of fat.

My suggestion is that you find a qualified person to do measurements with a caliper or, at the very least, do girl measurements with a tape.

KEY # 9 to RAPID fat loss. Establish rules in your life when it comes to what you put into your body.

No fast food.
No soda.
No candy.
No donuts.
No pastries.
No Ramen Noodles. READ: 

In other words you need to make rules for what you eat just like you make other rules in your life.

Let's say you and I are hanging out at the gym. Some dude comes up to us and tries to sell some crack. Do you buy it?

You have a rule that you don't do crack just like you have a rule that you don't pick up kitchen knives and stab people. I hope so at least...

KEY #10 to RAPID fat loss. Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I am not gonna lie. I make my living as a distributor so I'm a little biased. Guess what? If this didn't work and wasn't safe why would people get results like Jason and Rachel.

Or how about Mike who is down an astounding 130 lbs. He originally wanted to lose weight because he couldn't fit on a roller coaster at Disney. He was a little embarrassed in front of his kids. Sounds like a strong purpose. He started with the 24 Day Challenge. 

Our best friend Christy lives in Vermont. She is the one that we went to visit this summer. A few years back she got a little discussed with herself. She did the 24 Day Challenge. She looks a little better today down 30+ lbs. 

I could post before and after pictures all day long. You get the point. The program works. If you want to learn more about the 24 Day Challenge then you can check it out a couple of ways:

6 minute video:

You can call me personally call me if you have any questions.

There you have it. The 10 keys to rapid weight loss.

Are you embarking on or continuing a weight loss journey? Do you know someone that is? If it is you then we wish you the best of luck and we believe in you. If you want help then contact us and we will stand beside you on your journey. If someone that you know is on their journey will you please share this with them.

We appreciate that and I'm sure they will also.

You are a champion! You can and will succeed! You got this!

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion


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