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Friday, July 4, 2014

My Top 7 Rules for Eating Out

Who doesn't LOVE to eat out. We all do. It's so easy to go out and not have to worry about the dishes and the food press or anything for that matter.

Getting waited on is an added bonus.

"Would you like more water?"

"Why yes...I believe I do want that bad boy topped off."

But there is a catch.

Eating out is SOOOO unhealthy.

Or at least it can be.

In today's short blog post I am going to tell you what my top 7 rules are for eating out. Do whatever you want but if you are trying to maintain or enhance your physical results then you need to stick with these 7 rules. Or just be over weight and unhealthy. Your choice.

RULE #1: Stay away from fast food and buffets. You may NOT ever pass through the doors of Long John Silvers, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Golden Coral, 5 Guys etc. If you EVER do pass though those doors you CAN NOT make any good choices. I would say this also goes for the chains like Applebees, Red Lobster and Outback. Go to local places to get better food.

As a matter of fact, if you frequent the "franchise" establishments then you have already make up your mind that health is not a concern for you or your family. Harsh? Yes. Truth? Yes. Is 2/3's of America fat because they are getting burgers at Burger King instead of salad. No. We are fat because our mindsets are wrong.

Change you mindset first. Make good decisions second.

RULE #2: Drink only water. Quick trivia. You order Coke. How many calories? Answer: Who the hell knows because likely you will have like 6.

Drink water only. That right there is a rule that you must abide by. Again, do you want or need to be more healthy. Suck it up. Drink water.

RULE #3: Don't order anything that is "creamy", "breaded" or "fried" or has the word "pasta". These are horrible food choices. When you are eating out your good choices are going to be hard to make. Look for chicken and fish. Look for veggies.  Speaking of dressing....

RULE 4: Dressing on the side. Don't get salads unless the dressing can be on the side. Oil and vinegar or Red Wine Vinaigrette are good choices. Ranch and thousand island are not. Do I need to list the ingredients of salad dressing? Or the calories. I think not.

RULE #5: Pass on the appetizers and the bread. Yeah.... it's gonna be tough at the OG. Nachos are out. Remember number 4? The words "fried" and "breaded" are going to be in a lot of appetizers.

Want to get ill? CHICK HERE to see the calorie content of Applebee's foods. Yeah, Cheeseburger Sliders 1200+ calories. Gross. Just gross.

RULE #6: Pass on desserts. The meal choices are hard enough. Why flub everything up by ordering a pricey dessert that is 4 bites and 1000 calories? That is dumb. Enjoy your meal. Dessert does nothing for you but add fat to your butt. Trust me.

RULE #7: Eat out no more than once every 2 weeks. Repeat after me: "I WILL EAT OUT NO MORE THAN ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS."

Can you make decent choices eating out? Sure. Are there good choices. Well.... kinda.

Who needs that kind of pressure? Seriously. Who else goes into a restaurant with the best of intentions then some waiter walks by with Supreme Nachos.

"I'll have what they are having....

Don't get me wrong. I love eating out. You know what? Check this out. For the last few months we have gone out MAYBE once every three weeks and we notice a difference in the way we feel. 

It's the God's honest truth.

Eating out every so often isn't going to kill you. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the company. Make good choices but don't beat yourself up over bad ones. Proactive the 80/20 rule. Do your best and in the end you will be fit and healthy if you live a fit and healthy lifestlye.

Going out to eat every so often can, and will, fit into that lifestyle. 

While going out to eat can be tasty and fun so can eating in! 

The challenge that many of us face is that we just don't know what to make for meals at home. 

Actually MOST of us face this dilemma. 

Well, Teresa has done something for you that can change your life if you do it. She has created the "30 Day Clean Eating Challenge." Let me tell you. It is awesome. 

Here is the lunch that we had today:
She has created a 30 day meal plan that is out of this world. We had originally released this program and closed the registration. Because of the popularity and the amazing feedback from those in the program we have opened it up for a limited time. 


If you see value in any part of this blog with you please do us the honor of sharing. There might be someone out there in your world that is in desperate need of help that we can provide! 

Remember on Independence Day that freedom isn't free. 

Thank you and Happy Independence Day! 
Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

P.S. Have you had a chance to visit's Teresa's blog? She posted a new powerful post yesterday. CLICK HERE to read Lady Gurus Fit Kitchen! 

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