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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You will fall

There will be hurdles. There will be obstacles. It will be hard. You will fight. You will succeed.

I talk about my high school distance running coach quite a bit in my blog. He was a super smart dude and he had phenomenal success as a coach and now as a big wig attorney in Boston.

This guy knows how to bring out the best in people. He taught me many lessons over the years. The wisdom of Andy Rogovin goes on and on in me for sure.

I remember very distinctly something that he said to me on a rainy day in the fall of 1987. It was on the starting line of the Catholic Memorial Invitational in Boston's Franklin Park. It was my first race as a member of the varsity. For a freshman cross country runner who had only been running for 6 weeks it was a BIG DEAL.

While gathered on the staring line he said this to us, "You are going to fall down in the race today. When you do... GET BACK UP."

The way said it was memorizing to me as a 14 year old kid running in a major race for the first time. It was like he could see the future or something.

How did he know I was going to fall down 10 minutes from now? 

He didn't put the thought in my mind that I may fall. In other words, he didn't say, "Be careful, it's muddy, you might fall down..." or "Be careful not to slip and fall..."

He said would would so it removed the "what if..." from out mind.

The real important thing that message did was this: IT GAVE US A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM.

That is super powerful stuff folks. Really it is. Instead of being worried about a problem and putting pressure on myself I knew what was going to happen, it was going to happen to everyone and I knew what to do about it!

When I didn't fall down in the race I came up to coach wondering why and he just smiled. What a brilliant guy. Maybe he is the reason what two years later we were state champions....

Do you understand the thought process?

Check this out.

I am your coach. You are on the starting line of a race and I have a message for you.

"You will fall down."

You may not slip in the mud but you face hurdles and barriers. You are going to face tough times. You are going to be hurt, sick, tired, poor, frustrated and defeated.

You will fall on your ass and you are going to want to quit.

WHEN that happens don't quit. Don't ever quit. Don't ever give up.

This is why I talk about purpose all the time. As a young distance runner I had a burning desire to succeed. I had a burning desire to win. I had a rock solid purpose. To me, at that time, it meant something.

What does you health mean to you? It doesn't even have to be about your health. Your career, your business....whatever it is please know that you will fall down.

When you fall you GET BACK UP.

Promise me that when you fall down the next thing that you do it to get back on your feet and keep on fighting. That is how winning is done.
I hope this message struck some cords today. I hope that someone, somewhere needed to here this and today decided to get back up from a fall in the mud. The people that need this message are out there. Can you please share this? Maybe YOU could make a difference in someones life.

Truly, that is how winning is done.

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What if.

To your success! 

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

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