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Friday, July 18, 2014


What are you willing to give up to get what you want?

In Napolean Hills's classic "Think and Grow Rich" he talked about setting you sites on what you want. First you define what you what then you determine that you are WILLING to give up to get it.

What are you willing to get the health level that you desire and the body that you think you should have?

It is a powerful question.

I've had a conversation about value with my 14 year old a bunch of times. I tell him that in order to get stuff we need to give up something. If you want a video games system you need to trade money for it. To get money you need to trade time, knowledge or other stuff.

This is how our exchange system works. You give something to get something.

It's not just capitalism. It's life.

Want abs? What are you willing to give up to get your sexy abs? What price are you willing to pay?

Your health is not a God given right. It's not something that is given to you for free. You need to EARN your health. This is the truth.

If you want more from yourself then you are going to have to give more. Yes, this is going to require time and this is going to require money.

Nothing is for free in this life. NOTHING.

What are you willing to give up for what you want.

Here are some thing that you can give up to get what you want: TV time, fast food, soda, desserts, late night snacks, alcohol....

With your money you can buy the 24 Day Challenge, better food, a gym membership, a personal trainer, some personal growth books....

Here is the link to learn more about the 24 Day Challenge: 

You can also giving up some harder things. How about toxic relationships? How about bad habits like smoking or dipping?

The advertisements that you see telling you that you "don't have to diet and exercsie" or a "NEW and easy way" are lies.

There is nothing new and there is nothing easy.

The universal laws that Napolean Hill talked about in the 1930's are still true today.

If you want something you must first give something in exchange.

What are you willing to give up?

How about a couple of hours on Saturday morning? This Saturday we are doing a 2 hour fitness competition at ASM Fitness in Eustis. It's really going to be epic. It's a great change of pace from the everyday workout. If you are interested in giving it a shoot shoot me an email and we will get you singed up. It's only $10 and it starts at 8am. We would love to have you!

Did you get value from today's post? If so then please consider sharing. You never know when someone out there might need to hear this message!

To your success!

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

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