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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Awkward Runner

You all know someone like this.

They run by your house everyday or perhaps on the treadmill every day. They are ALWAYS out there come rain or wind or heat or cold. It just doesn't matter to the awkward runner. They are committed.

Problem is that they hate it.

Problem is that they aren't getting good results.

So why do it?

Perhaps its you.

Perhaps you run all the time because you think that running is the best exercise. Perhaps you know someone that lost 100 lbs by running or that runs really fast. Perhaps you do it because you think you really HAVE TO run.

I am here to tell you that you don't.

Believe me I see it EVERY DAY. Last night I was sitting no my porch and I saw a guy jog by in our neighborhood. Man, he looked like he was SUFFERING. I think it was the same guy that I saw last week going up the hill by my house like he was in the throws of the death zone on Mount Everest.

Dude looked like he was about to croak.

What is the point?

Why stress yourself our both physically and emotionally trying to run or be a runner when it just isn't for you?

I am going to keep today's post short. I have 3 points to make with you that I think will help on your journey.

1. You are going to need to get uncomfortable on your journey to a better you. Honestly it's going to be hard so be ready for it. 
2. You need to vary your discomfort and for the love of God don't try to "run" 5 miles when that's not your cup of tea. Run a mile then walk or get on the rower or in the pool or something. Just don't try to be a runner if you are not a runner. 
3. If are going to become a runner then do it in short distances. If you feel like you are shuffling along then you have gone to far. If you can only run for 30 seconds at a good pace then so be it. Next time run for 45 second then increase the time that you are running steady and night DYING till you can do a few miles at that pace.

I love running and I am a runner. My fitness these days isn't what it used to be so I don't go out and try to run for 10 miles anymore. I'll run 3 miles and like it.

You should do the same if you want to get a benefit from your workouts. Don't beat yourself up trying to become a "runner". There are other ways to skin a cat.

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If you could share this post I would appreciate it. I hope that you got some value from this blog today. It is our mission to help as many as possible!

To your success!

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

P.S. Teresa did a powerful blog yesterday. He perspective on stuff always blows me away. "Your Dream Body" ---->

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