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Monday, July 28, 2014

Build up. Don't tear down.

This is a VERY serious topic and I am going to look at it in a way that you may not expect. This may just change the way that you treat succeed and thus achieve success.

People throw rocks at thing that shine. I know it's line from a Taylor Swift song but it's the truth. To many people would rather bring someone or something down then try to build themselves up.

It's the easy way out. "I can't do that so I'm going to bring it down..."

A couple of examples.

CrossFit seams to be quite a lightning rod. Those that love it are REALLY passionate about it. Those that don't love it. Try to bring it down. I saw a thread on Facebook recently where some don't said, "CrossFit is a joke" and continued to rail against it for a few paragraphs.

Why would someone day that about something that so many people are passionate about?

It's becasue this person feels better bringing others down then building himself up.

Kind of like kids on a playground. Why do kids make fun of each other? It's because the haven't learned this yet. They think that to build themselves up they need to bring others down.

It's like the scarcity mentality. The thought process is that there is only so much so you need to horde what you have or it will be taken from you.

It's a bunch of crap.

Another example.

Recently a Facebook "friend" posted a couple of passive aggressive little comments on her wall that were clearly aimed at bringing me down. Why would you post something that is pretty clearly an effort to make someone else look bad? Isn't that what we stopped doing in 3rd grade when we realized that other people have feelings?

More examples.

A while back one of our Advocare team posted on social media about how she had lost weight and was loving the products. One of her so called friends replied with a soliloquy telling  her friend to "be careful" and how her other friend got sick from Hydroxicut or some such thing. Really lady? What does that have to do with your friend be happy to lose 10 lbs?

Last one. What we share on social media. What is the point of sharing stories about death, prisoner abuse, animal cruelty, criminals getting beat up by cops and politics? There are things that bring us down. These do not build us up. There are so many stories out there about people that are doing GREAT things. Mission trips, charity work, cats getting rescued from trees.... SHARE THOSE THINGS. Build people up. Don't try to bring us all down.

I could go on all day.

The point is that people need to be built up not torn down. When you build people up you are empowered, they are empowered and everybody wins. When you tear people down they are hurt, you are empty and everybody loses.

I say all the time that negativity is dense. It is 100% true. The good feeling we get when we feel good about ourselves after bringing someone else down goes away quick.

The good feeling when get when we build someone else up stays with us forever.

I will leave you with this today. Stop trying to bring others down by arguing with them. Stop trying to make yourself feel better by pointing out everyone's flaws.

If you want what someone else has then go out and get it. Grow into those big shoes.

When you believe in yourself it becomes much easier. Be more to be more. You can do it!

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Please share this with your friends. Somebody out there just might need this message.

To your success!

Rick Copley | Your Best Fitness Coach  | "Empowering YOU to be a champion" 

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