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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 4 Pillars of your workout

Today I want you to take a look at your workout in a different light. Sometimes when you change your perspective you can create BIG changes and BIG results.

You want to get results from your workouts, right?

I want you to get results.

The problem, quite honestly, is that most people don't get good results. The short answer to "why" this is really is simple in my mind. We don't get results because most people don't understand the mindset that it takes to get results. Our expectations are different from out outcomes so we get frustrated and give up. 

So it stand to reason that if we change our thought process and we change our expectations we should have better results. True?

I think so.

Today I am going to focus on one single solitary aspect of the health and fitness paradigm. We are going to look at the actual workout. We are going talk about the 4 pillars of the workout that WILL get you results if you understand how they work.

Many people don't succeed with their health goals because they focus on one thing when they work out. They run, do classes, lift weights, do a circuit or do a sport. 

These are all great things but they ignore the 4 pillars of the workout that I am going to go through in a minute. 

If you want results you will not get them if you just do one activity. Change you expectations here. If you run a lot you will get faster but your fitness will never get to what you want it to be. Again: TRUTH. 

So now I will present to you, in order, the 4 pillars of your workout. You must consistently battle with each of these pillars. When you learn how to do this guess what happens? Yep. You are the one with the abs, the energy and the beach body. 
Teresa works hard so she looks strong and fit! 

PILLAR #1: Your mind and your body. 

When you workout you must push your body. You must tell your body to do what it needs to do to finish what you are doing. 

Sometimes you may feel to tired or winded to go on. This is when the workout counts. This is when it means something. It's called a WORKout. It's not called a COMFORTABLEout. Suck it up and push your body beyond what you think you can do. 

To get results the most important thing is that you us your mind to push your body beyond it's limits. If you give up and give in then you will not succeed. You must push yourself! 

PILLAR #2: The movements. To get truly fit you focus on movements. You do them right first then you add speed. This could bring up the discussion of working "muscles" versus working "movements". 

We will talk about that in another blog post. If you have been following me for any length of time you know that we NEVER work muscles. We ALWAYS work movements. 

With pillar number two you need to battle with the movements. 

Whether it's running, biking, push-ups, squats or bench press you need to go to war with the movements. You don't always need to win but you always need to fight like hell. Don't take short cuts. Fight the movement till the end. 

PILLAR #3: The clock. Your workout is going to have some sort of clock. This could be reps as well. That is a version of a clock. 

Train your mind to do the movements properly for the whole 10 reps. See how this ties together?
Command your mind to, with proper form, do continuous wall bars for the next 30 second till the time runs out. It all goes together. 

Kind of an interesting way to look at your workout, right? 

You fight the clock every time. You fighting with all your heart means you win. Fight to win. 

PILLAR #4: Other people. Check this out. You are running a 5k. There is a half mile to go. You can see the finish line. You are tired but you DECIDE to push to catch some guy (PILLAR #1). You lift your chest up, drive your knees forward and pick up the pace (PILLAR #2). You can see the finish line getting closer. (PILLAR #3) That no-name dude is getting closer to you FIGHT to catch him. (PILLAR #4) 

Sometimes when you are working out with a partner you try to best the he or she in the bench press or rowing 1000m or something. 

Throw down a challenge with another human being and go after it. 

What do you thing SPORTS are? How fun would basketball be if there were only one team?

You use other people to push you because they will. They certainly will! When you are pushed harder then you WORK harder. When you work harder you get better results.

Look, I have muscle now!

So take a look at these 4 "pillars" of your workout. If you aren't getting the results that you want then maybe one of your pillars isn't quite as strong as the other ones. 

Very few people will look at workouts this way. Its goes to reason that very few people are super fit. I wonder if there is a connection. Hmm....

So, if you want to get better results from your workout you need to learn to focus your energy and efforts on working hard, doing the movements properly first while adding weight, speed and reps next, working against the clock and using others to help push you. 

You do this and you will get results. 

Today's post focused on what you do with your body. When you put into your body is just as important. 

There is still time to sign up for out 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. This programs is really going to change a lot of lives. 

Since we talked about working out today I want to leave you with a quick video that I did a while back. If you are interested in some supplements to help you recover then you owe it to yourself to watch!

Do you know anyone that might get a benefit from today's post? If so then we would appreciate it if you shared it. THANK YOU! 

To your success!
Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

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