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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When the sun comes up

I am talking to you.

You are wanting to finally lose that weight. The pounds need to come off. Your are determined this time. You are ready. You want this so bad.

It's going to be hard.

Each day when you get excited the sun will set. You will go to bed and all that excitement, all that drive, all those good decisions from yesterday are going to go away and it all states over again tomorrow.

The sun will set.

Do you really want those results? Do you really want to be a better parent and roll model? Will you feel that way what the sun comes come back up?

Anybody can read a book and get fired up. Anybody can get excited by a Facebook post or a motivations video. That's easy. Those aren't the people that succeed long term. The people that succeed long term are the ones that still find that motivation when the sun comes back around.

You see it doesn't matter how much you do today. It doesn't matter that you want to do a marathon so you ran for 10 miles.

It doesn't matter that you want to lose 100 lbs and you made good choices today.

It doesn't matter that you bought that bikini two sizes to small and you worked out for 2 hours. 

None of that matter long term. 

What matters is that you create that thought in your mind that you will never quit and you will do it again tomorrow. When the sun comes back up you need to feel that same way.

Are you ready to make that decision? 

If you are then do it. To help you here are 5 simple strategies to tie you motivation from today to to actions tomorrow. 

1. Tell people. Tell people that know you and like you. Tell people that will harass you when you when tell them you want to lose weigh then crack open a Pepsi at lunch. Tell them to give you a hard time then vow to listen to them what they start to do it!

2. Belief cards. Get up everyday and read a belief card that says, "I feel GREAT and look FANTASTIC weighing 125 lbs" or "I am a CHAMPION running a 5k in 30 minutes flat". This will remind you everyday. Read at bedtime and when you get up. Set a reminder on your phone! 

3. Get up EARLY and get SOMETHING done. The first thing you do when your feet hit the floor in the morning needs to be working towards you goal. Just do something. 

4. Plan your day the night before. This is critical. Who else gets up in the morning and wonders what is for breakfast? These are the same people that go to bed at night and wonder why they didn't workout. 

5. Drink Spark! I know it sounds weird that somehow a drink will change the way you think and feel but it is true. The mental focus and clarity that Spark gives you is unmatched. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE about Spark. Everyone that I know that drinks Spark is happy, successful and achieving their goals. Could be anecdotal but I don't know. How do I do a blog everyday and stay in such great shape? Check out my "Spark stalkie". (I call it a Sparkie!) 

I want to finish today with a quick story. 

When I used to race XTerra (off road triathlon) I would always go to the bike course the day before the race and ride it so I knew what to expect. Without fail I would always lie in bed excited about the race. Fired up as a matter of fact! I had to learn how to put that excitement to bed so I could use it the next day. 

You need to do the same thing. I learned how to go to bed visualizing the transitions so that when I got up the relaxed intensity that I felt would propel me to do my best. 

Use the strategies that I mentioned about to achieve long term results. 

Don't you dare ever give up. 

Take 30 second to think of people in your life that you know need some help getting healthy. 

You have some names, don't you. Do you want to help them? I have two strategies for you. First thing you can do is direct them to this blog. There is a ton of awesome content and value here. The second thing if you REALLY want to get them the help they need is to have them send there email to me at . This way we can contact them directly and see if one of our programs is right for them.

Thank you for reading! To your continued success when the sun comes back up! 
Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

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