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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Routine is the enemy of progress

Show of hands.

Who goes to the gym, works hard and wants to get great results?

OK. Awesome. Just what I thought. 

Another show of hands. Who is getting great results? 

The last picture was in jest. I know a lot of people are getting good results. 

What is the difference between who is getting good results and who is not?

To be honest there are many factors.

Today I am going to focus on one thing that could be the difference between you have the body that you want and you complaining about not getting results. 

"Routine is the enemy of progress."

In life habits and routine are helpful and, as a matter of fact, are pretty much the KEY to success.

Not in the gym. In the gym when you get into a routine that in the opposite of how you get results. You get results by shocking the crap out of your body. 

The wellness coach at the gym will you to add weight to your machines when you can do 15 of more. That's stupid. What happens when you max out the machine?

So which is more creepy: The boots or the hat? 

Answer: nothing. You get bored and frustrated LONG before you get to that point.

So. Do you want results? Do something different! Do things in a different order. Do things at a different time. Go to a different trainer. Do something that you HATE doing. Do 2 workouts. Do 3 workouts. Get in the pool. Ride a bike. Swim. Bike. Run. Go rock climbing. 

Hopefully you get the point. If you want the body of your dreams you need to...

1. Have the mindset of a champion. 
2. Fuel your body the right way
3. Workout with an athletes mindset

That is it. 

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To your success, 
Rick Copley, AdvoCare Gold 3-Star Independent Distributor
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


"Will you rub my head? I have a headache."

This was the request from my wife at about 9pm yesterday.

My reaction was to, of course, rub her head.


What about the fact that my head was pounding? 9:30pm we both went to bed last night with headaches. I woke up at about 10:15pm and couldn't fall back to sleep.

What in the world was wrong with us?

I know exactly what was wrong. We both ate wings at a local wing place. But why the headaches?

For the last few months we have been focusing hard core on paying off debt. The goal is to be 100% debt free by the end of the year. We have been cutting the budget way back to eating out was axed. What used to be a 1-2 time per week thing is now about a once per month thing.

Last night the wings gave us a headache.

Does this happen every time? No. Does this happen to everybody? No. Did it happen to us? YES.

But why?

Honestly I don't know.... but I have a theory.

It's no secret that you are putting mysterious crap in your body when you go out to eat. This is especially true when you eat at chain restaurants. If your body is used to mysterious crap and chemicals then you may feel a little off but you aren't going to get sick.

When your body is used to eating nothing but good stuff when you eat crap you are going to fell like crap.

So what is the lesson here?

This is a tough one.

Should we all go our to eat more so we are used to eating crap so our bodies don't protest so much. I don't think that is the case.

Here are 4 steps that I would take when going out to eat:

1. Have a snack 60-90 minutes before you go out so you don't gorge yourself on 2000 calories of crap.
2. Have a salad with you meal. This will at least get you some good nutrition to go with your burger!
3. Drink lots of water before, during and after your gluttonous meal.
4. Go to a local place and avoid Applebees, Chilis, Outback etc.

I am 100% fine with going out to eat from time to time. My suggestion is 2-3 times per month to a local restaurant.

Enjoy yourself and have a drink even! But 20 wings at Froggers? Not my best idea ever.

Thanks for reading.

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To your success!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Monday, April 28, 2014

5 letters

I love working out.

I love coaching people to get better results but I love to do it as well. I good 20-30 minute intense workout is my favorite. I love going HARD, HARD, HARD for a relatively short amount of time.

Doing these workouts 4-5 times per week has helped my to get into the best shape of my life.

Want to know what my favorite workout is?

Check out my video message today to see what my favorite 5 letter in fitness are.
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Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Who you are is who you are with

Most of us don't like to go to far from our comfort zone.

This is the truth. Most people don't want to feel inferior and most people generally want to feel accepted. Most people are not massively successful either.

Could there be a correlation?

How could there not be?

I once heard that you are the sum total of the books you read and the people that you hang out with. This is 100% truth.

So, who do you hang out with?

Do you hang out with the doers and the dreamers or the whiners and complainers?

Do hang out with the people that accept you for "who you are" or the people that hold you to a higher standard? Are you envious and jealous of the success of certain people or do you ask them how they do it?

Do you act out and think it is OK because all your friends act out?

I'm sure you get my drift.

If your goal and mission is to get healthy and fit are you hanging our with smokers and people that go to the bar and watch football games all weekend?


Are you working out everyday and hanging out with your workout partners, going to bed early on Friday nights so you can get up early to go to a race on Saturday? 

Do you ever look at your friends and say, "who these people are losers?"

That's not a good sign.

Actually it is a sign that you need new friends.

Why don't most of us change? That one is simple. It's hard. It's hard to find new friends that are doing things that make us uncomfortable. It's hard to find new friends that are different.

It's easy to fall into the same old trap of hanging with people that make you feel good.

I absolutely love hanging out with my friends that are more successful than I am. My attitude is that maybe they will rub off on me!

So what do you do?

My suggestion is to start hanging out with with people that empower, support and stretch you. If the people that you hang out with currently what to grow with you then cool.

If not then is it worth it to keep them around?

Before we got together Teresa used to love to go out dancing and to the bars on the weekends. The people we hang out with now don't do that. Teresa has found more joy and success in the last 3 years of her life then in the entire previous 30 years.

Is that a coincidence? I think not.

Hopeful you got my message today. I am trying to help and if you take it the wrong way I am sorry. I just know that if you want more from life then you need to BE MORE.

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Super excited!

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To your success,

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

3 words to change your life

I believe in the simple things.


SO MANY people make things so complicated to serve their own good. So many people try to make themselves seem so smart that you have to buy their product just because it sounds so fascinating and the person talking about it is SO SMART.

I am not that way.

I am the opposite. I think it is simple.

Daily disciplines make long term success. Period.

Today we are going to keep it super simple with a 2 minute message.

Want to lose weight? Here are 3 simple words that will change your life.

Really folks. It is this simple. No smoke and mirrors here. 2 minute video message today. 3 words that will change your life if weight loss is your goal.

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To your success,

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Birthday Blog

Today's blog entry is not going to be what you think.

Bare with me.

Because we are in the Social Media age you get to see what all your close friends, family and mere acquaintances are doing.... ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes it's cool. Sometimes it's disturbing.

Sometimes it's a little of both.

Today is my birthday. 20 years ago, to the day, I turned 21 years only. Yay for me.

I made it to 41. Let's celebrate.

OK, birthdays are cool. It's a reason to celebrate and to give presents and cards and stuff. Although in these days it's turned mostly into let's post on the Facebook wall of the birthday boy/girl . That's cool today.

The universal question as far I can see is this: Why do we celebrate the one thing that we don't have control over?

Really. We part all weekend to celebrate the act of simply showing up. We celebrate the one thing that all living people have in common; we were born.

It's kind of like the YMCA giving trophy's to all the kids that finish the soccer season.

I'm writing a little in jest today.

Its great to have that one day per year that it is all about you. It's good to get attention just for making another trip around the sun.

I am excited to be 41. Really, I am. Zzzzzzzzzz.....

How about this? MAYBE we should celebrate people that lose weight? Maybe we should celebrate people that get a PR for 5kn? Maybe we should celebrate QUITTING a job or getting a promotion or whatever is important.


My argument is two fold. For one, people go way overboard with the celebrating of birthdays. A birthday weekend? Really. You're 36. Come on.

16, 18 and 21 are important birthdays. Have a party. 30, 40 and 50. Yay! Go out for a couple of drinks.

A weekend? Come on.

My other point is what we choose to celebrate.

I think society has gotten way to soft. We don't want people feeling bad for mediocrity. Call it what it is. You are mediocre. If you bust out of mediocrity and decide to do something cool and empowering then you should be celebrated!

Having a child is something to be celebrated. Finishing college. Finishing a marathon. Starting a direct sales business. I think these are all reasons to celebrate more then hitting another April 22nd. 

Today I am another year older. To me it isn't a big deal but I am happy to feel a little special today. The birthday wishes are appreciated and I love you all for reaching out today.

As I look back on the 41 years I try my best to remember the journey so far as positive. The bad choices and the bad luck (actually the same thing) weight heavy at times. I, like so many others, sometime dwell on the "what could have been" a little more than I should around my birthday.

What good does that do in the long run?

Today I look forward to MANY more GREAT years. Why? 2 reasons.

#1: My health is 100% our of this world thanks to my lifestyle and what I put in my body. LEARN MORE.
#2: My future is secure because I creating a residual income with AdvoCare that is going to giving my EVERYTHING that I want in the coming years. LEARN MORE.

Today's message may seem all over the map. Perhaps it is.

If you get nothing more from my birthday blog then this then simply "celebrate life" then that is OK.

That is a good message. Thank you for reading. Enjoy your day and CELEBRATE!

To your abundance!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another disturbing weekend at the ball fields.

I can't believe it happened again.

For the second weekend in a row we had to explain to our children why behaviors from adults was inappropriate. Really?!?

I thought baseball was supposed to be a learning and growing experience for kids. Aren't kids supposed to be empowered to play sports? Aren't they supposed to learn things like sportsmanship, patience and grace?

Not in Lady Lake Little League. Here they learn that adults are there to act like children.

Let me take you back to the last time we were at the ball fields 2 weeks ago.

Justin is 12. He plays for the Red Sox. The opposing team was the Rays.

My step-son Justin up at bat!

Here is the situation. Bottom of the last inning. Tie game. 1 out. Runners on second and third. Batter hits soft ground ball towards first base. First basemen charges the ball, picks it up and throws home. The runner on third is in a run down. After a couple of throws the runner is tagged out. 2 outs.


The umpire through a red flag in the air. Defensive interference! Runner scores. Game over! Red Sox win!

A crazy and exciting end. A winner and a loser. A great lesson for both teams.


The coach of the Rays throws a FIT. He starts yelling and screaming. He called the ump, "You f**ing fat butterball...". (The ump was indeed very overweight but that's not the point)

To add insult to injury for the adults ANOTHER person in the stands, this time a PARENT (or it could have been a grand parent, dude was older) starts yelling at the ump as well.

The kids and other more mature adults were stunned. Do we as adults really act like that?


The trip home was used to explaining to Justin and Dallas (who is 9 and say the whole thing) that this is not how we act when things don't go our way.

Wow. Just wow.

Can we top this?

Why yes, we can.

A couple of days ago it was Dallas's turn to play.

Dallas up at bat! 

When the game started the coach of Dallas's team (the Pirates) asked Dallas to play on the other team (the Angels). Apparently they other team only had 6 kids show up so the grabbed a couple of kids from other teams that were on site and Dallas from the Pirates.

Hey, it's Little League. I had no issues with that at all; better than cancelling the game.

After one inning in right field for the other team the Angels had another kid show up so Dallas came back to the Pirates.

Now the Angels had 7 players and 2 kids from other teams.

It was not a pretty game. The Pirates were ahead by many runs. The Angels decided to put the catcher in as pitcher. They took one of the players that wasn't originally on their team (he was wearing a blue uniform) in as catcher.

As a spectator I was confused. You see I thought that the coaches made changes and not the parents.

Indeed I was wrong.

A parent sitting next to me started ranting and raving that HER KID should be catching and the not the kid in the blue shirt. Her kid at the time was in right field throwing his hat around and really not paying attention. A ball was hit to him and he was still holding his hat in his hand. Goof-ball.

Of course the irritate parent went to the coach and made a scene. Is this normal?

What she did next FLOORED me.

She walked over to her kid and took him home leaving the team with 8 kids and no right fielder for the rest of the game.

This, my friends, is called lack of class.

Another trip home from Little League explaining to elementary school kids that adults don't always make the right choices and do the right things.

It's a good thing it was a long ride.

Sorry this article was so long today.

I don't pretend to be parent of the year. I am not Dr. Phil. Let me tell you though what I believe YOUR ROLL as a parent is:

- Support your kid.
- Teach you kid how to have character and integrity when winning and losing. 
- Congratulate your kid when they win and when they lose. 
- Help them to learn lesson from both winning a losing. 

That is it. End of story. It is not your job to make things "fair". Life is not "fair". It is not your job to re-live your life through them. 

These two parents that I described should be ashamed of themselves.

Sports are there to teach our kids lessons; that is it. 

Parents in the stands....

It is not your job to argue with the umps.
It is not your job yell at the coaches.
It is not your job coach your kids.

Accept your roll.

For the love of God, PLEASE, stop trying to make it about YOU.

It's about our children.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everybody knows....

This is not a scientific explanation on any level but wouldn't you say that whenever you here someone say, "Everybody knows...." usually the they don't know what they are talking about.

Claiming "Everybody knows..." simply means you heard someone say it so believe it but don't know why.

I don't think there really is anything that everybody knows.

I could be wrong.

Are you ready to be shocked? Everybody DOESN'T know.

Here is the story.

I was teaching a fitness class and we were doing a circuit. One of the circuit exercises was the overhead press. When that exercise came around to one lady she said, "Oh...I did overhead press yesterday at the gym. EVERYBODY KNOWS you can't lift weights two days in a row. What other exercise can I do?"

Everybody doesn't know. As a matter of fact that statement in DEAD WRONG. It's kinda based on fact but to 99% of people it really is not correct.

I will answer the question: Why?

First let me tell you how it's based on fact then I will tell you why "everyone knows".

The fitness craze of the 70's really is what started the myth. The truth is that if you are a body builder and your one and only goal is to grow freakishly large muscles that don't really belong on your body then you need to rest you muscles for several days after you absolutely destroy them for hours at the gym.

I don't know why but body builders will literally spend hours in a gym working one or two muscle groups. When you rest the muscles they grow. Truth.

So why do people think they need to train like body builders?

Here the answer gets a little convoluted.

I think that gyms tell people this because it is easy to teach, easy to do, easy to repeat and NOT VERY EFFECTIVE so people will stop coming to the gym because they are not getting results but not quit their memberships because they feel like it was their fault when really the plan was wrong to begin with.

Holy crap. Was that out loud? (and highlighted in RED!)

Why do we tell a 50 year old women that just quit smoking, is on blood pressure and cholesterol meds, is 75 lbs overweight and has never exercised a day in her life to do the same plan as a 20 year old dude that wants to add 40 lbs of muscle to impress the girls at the beach?

It's stupid and guess what? I did it for years and many thousands of trainers tell people this garbage everyday.

You can't train the same muscles two days in a row. I'm sorry if I ever told you this. Quite frankly it is a bold faced lie.

So you kind of understand the basic history and reason we tell people to do "weights" every other day.

One of the reasons I left the security of the full time position of "Wellness Director" at the YMCA is because I was tired of showing people the "circuit" and lying to them about how to get results day in and day out.

I want to keep this relatively short because I could go on all day about this topic.

I do want to give you some value and tell you what to do if I tell you what not to do.

Truth is that you can lift weights as many days in a row as you want. Is this ideal? Of course not.

What is ideal?

What is the best way to get in shape?

Here you have 7 keys to get in shape and rush to the mirror instead of away from the mirror. Do this plan and you will feel and look better guaranteed.

1. Do "cardio" 2-3 times per week. Cardio is doing the same movement for 20-60 minutes. Running, walking, rowing, skiing, biking and swimming. Do most of the sessions as intervals. Never do all intervals or easy all the time. Mix is up. What the intervals are doesn't matter. Just don't go the same pace all the time. This could be a whole another blog post....(I'm sure it will be)

2. Do not ever do "machines" or "abs". Those are dumb and are a waste of your time. Do your resistance training with bars, dumb bells and kettlebells. If "abs" worked would we all "have abs".

3. Vary the things you can vary. What does that mean? Why do 8-12 reps all the time? Another myth from body builders. How about doing 5 reps of a heavy weight then 25 of a lighter weight? Shut the front door! Can you do that? Yes. Here are some ideas for adding variety:
- Weight: light vs heavy
- Speed: slow vs fast
- Reps: Number vs time
- Exercises: Circuit vs 2, 3, 4 or more exercise repeated 
- Isomentric vs movements
- Calories burned vs feet climbed vs distance vs METS 
- Rest: timed rest vs no rest vs rest when a song is on vs rest when your partner is working 

4. Pre-program your workouts. OK, here is a quick test to see if it was a good workout. Are you tired? Yes. Good workout. Don't do it again. Make up a new one. The basic reason we write out a workout is to time it and post it to Facebook. True story.

5. Do 2 a days. Crazy, right? Same workout or different workout. Want results? Do this and see what happens!

6. Rest. I try to completely rest one day per week. Sometimes use a rest day to do cardio. Do you need rest to recover? Sometimes you do. Listne to your body and not what the fit guy at the gym says. (Unless the fit guy is me then...well....listen to the fit guy)

7. Fuel your body. If you don't put the right stuff in your body then you need to get every other day. I am a huge fan of not only eating A LOT by taking my Advocare Nighttime Recovery and Post Workout Recovery each and every day.

You need to workout each and everyday. You need to mix intensity with just plain easy movement. Do you have to lift a lot of weight? No. Do you have run a marathon? Do. You just need to move your body in a way that is challenging.

No more. No less.

Can you left weights on consecutive days?

Everybody knows that is fine. Go at it.

Hope you got some value out of this post. If so we appreciate if you like and share.

Live fit...of die!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Self confidence in the face of adversity

A little different message today.

What is one trait that all successful people have? I would argue that part of it is self confidence. Makes sense, right? People that are successful have self confidence.

Not much room for argument there.

What I would argue is that there is more to it then simple "self confidence".

I believe that successful people have the ability to have self confidence in the face of adversity. Successful people have the ability to look defeat in the eyes and fight on no matter what.

My cross country coach used to tell us keep passing people at the end of race until "we get out of the finish shoot". Now I don't condone that but the point is to keep fighting until the there is literally no fight left. Keep pushing until everybody else quits and you are the last one standing.

Watch this quick video to here a story from my racing days then I had self confidence even when there was no reason to have self confidence. It was a race that I could not win.

How do you find self confidence when there is no reason?

I think that you look for small victories or small efforts to build towards bigger victories.

Let's look at weight loss.

One day you wake up, look in the mirror and see a big fat stranger staring back at you. For whatever reason you DECIDE you are going to lose weight.

You can do it, YOU WILL DO IT. You are fired up. You are confident!

You lay out a plan. You get to work. You are excited. A week into your mission you look at the scale and you are up 3 lbs and your knee is sore.

It's day 8 and you look in the mirror to see that say person, now with hurt knee.

Do you still have the same self confidence?

You see it's not being confident. It's having self confidence when the chips are down.

Have you ever noticed that the champions fight till the bitter end? That's how you become successful. You keep fighting no matter what.

The message today is this: have confidence in yourself. Be proud of who you are, what you have done and where you are going. If you get knocked down get back up. Do this over and over and over again to win in the end.

Be confident no matter what.

Want to know the real key to success? The more you fail the more confident you should be.

Hope that helps. Did you get value? If you did please share this around to you your friends and family and make sure to like our Facebook page. 

To your success!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sluggish and tired. The American way....

Today I want to discuss an email I got just the other day.

This email from one of our clients is so amazing that I couldn't have said it better myself. Here it is an written to me email account...

"Figured I would go ahead and confess..........Yesterday I was running late and figured it would take me less time to stop at a convenience store for breakfast and caffeine than it would take for me to make my Breakfast shake and get my spark ready for the day.  BIG MISTAKE!!  So my breakfast consisted of a honeybun-----icckkkk!!! and my caffeine of choice was Diet Dr. Pepper----ugghh.  I haven't felt so sluggish, tired and just all over bad, since starting my Advocare journey!!!( Go ahead and say I told you so)  Add to the fact that I was a total slacker and didn't make it to workout---nor did I run(which is what I usually do if I can't make it to see your smiling face) and yesterday was the worst feeling day I have had in LONNNNNGGGG time!!!!  So while I may not be the MOST compliant Advocare user, just know that I have been and will continue to be VERY compliant with my Meal Replacement Shakes and Spark!!!!!!!!  Happy Friday!"

Does that make sense?

Do I even need to add words to what what was written.

Watch this quick video to hear a story from my about a similar experience.

So what do you do to avoid this happening to YOU? 

I think the best piece of advice that I can give you is to PLAN you food intake. don't be lazy and hit the snooze another time. Get up at 5:30am if that's when you need to get up. Not enough time for breakfast? Get up 10 minute earlier. 

On the road? Three words: cheese sticks and fruit. 

Don't fall in the "quick fix" mentality. 

"I'm hungry and I need food NOW." 

You are not going to die. Make a good choice. 

What is this "Spark" that my friend above mentioned. It's liquid awesome. If you are interested a free sample of healthy energy with TONS of nutrition email me your address and I will send you a sample.

Limited supply. First 10 emails that I get a FREE sample. Send email and snail mail address to: 

 To your fitness!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Monday, April 14, 2014

The body of your dreams.

When does body image become important to us?

I don't know but at some point in our childhood it does. If we are different some kids make fun. If we are heavy then we struggle or skip PE class and sports.

At some point as an early adolescence we start to care. We start to either exercise or focus on sports because we want to look better.

As a kid it is relatively easy to stay thin or at least fit in.

Or just not care.

Then we become adults and the same cycle happens again...and again.... again.

We gain and lose the freshman 15. We get a new job. We have kids. We move. We struggle. Weight goes on and weight comes off.

At some point we simply give up and determine that we will never have the body we always wanted. That ripped and toned body that we thought we'd get someday when you got settled down or stopped having kids is just never going to come.

We have bad genetics or thyroid issues or allergies or stress or....insert any one of a million excuses here.

It's a bunch or crap.

At any point in your life YOU have the power to determine what you are going to look like. You can have the body of your dreams and you will.

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to dream again....

STEP #1: Dream.

How can you fulfill your dream if you don't have a dream? How can you go anywhere if you don't know where that is? You need to realistically determine what your dream body is. Will you ever look like a super model? Is that what you want? Do you find that attractive? Well then do for it!

Do you want HUGE muscles? Then go for it!

The point is that there literally is no limit to what you can have and what you can be. How big is your goal? Just remember that the bigger change that you want to make the bigger the effort is going to be to get there.

I may get in trouble for saying this but I 100% believe this is true: You can have any body that you want. You just need to realize that the effort it is going to take is going to require you to stretch. Are you willing to do what it takes? Are you....

STEP #2: Be willing to put in the effort.

Did you notice that I have listed 2 steps and neither one has anything to do with measurable able action yet? There are decisions. You must decide to act before you act. 

Not to many words needed here. You must be willing. Now you are ready to....

STEP #3: Define your now and articulate your later

How much do you weight? How much do you want to weight? What is your body fat? What do you want your body fat to be? What are your measurements? What do you want them to be? How fast is your 5k? What do you want it to be?

Take very unflattering pictures of your self. Post them next to picture of you when you were younger of next to a magazine cutout. Place your goals in words and pictures in a place where you are going to see them each and everyday...3-4 times each and everyday AT A MINIMUM!

Now you need to lay out a game plan....

STEP #4: Set up a plan of action

With this step I would seek out help. You can research on the internet all day long but that isn't going to take the place of a real live accountability coach.

My suggestion for a coach is someone that either looks like you want to look or is also on the journey and WAS where you are.

What ever your plan is put it in place and GET INTO ACTION...

STEP #5: Get into action! 

What does action look like?

It's different for everybody. Once you get your mentality dialed in then it is time to get your body balanced and nourished and moving. You need to do your daily method of operations. Each and every day you...

FOCUS on your goals and STAY POSITIVE.
NOURISH and BALANCE your body with the foods you eat and SUPPLEMENTS you take.

There you have it. This plan will work every time if you are willing to work the plan.

If you need help with the process we would be glad to help with your journey.

Here are some words of encouragement from me to you if it is your time to begin your journey...

If you are looking to lose weight, break through plateaus, or gain energy then the 24 Day Challenge could be for you. If you want to see the details of the challenge check out this 6 minute video: .

Details online here: (You can order from here if you want to get going right away.

As always I hope that you got some value out of this post. Please like and share if you think this could help other to success.

To your success!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mindset of a Champion

People communicate and are communicated to in different ways. Some people would rather speak than write. On that note some people would rather listen then read. Some like video so they can watch while others do not.

We are all different.

Today I am SPEAKING to you about the "Mindset of a Champion".

To get today's message it will take one extra step. You need to pick up your phone and call in to a 10 minute recorded call.

In the grand scheme of things you have 10 minutes.

You drive, right?

Jot down these numbers: 559-726-1099. Code 342621. Ref#42.

On your way home from work or on your lunch break dial in and listen.

In this 10 minute time I define for you what it is to be a champion and what mindset you need to get there. I also give you a 4 part plan to change your mindset so that you too can BE A CHAMPION.

It's 10 minutes to add value to your life. You have the time.

559-726-1099 code 342621 ref#42. 

I would be honored if you spent just 10 minutes with me today.

Here is to you being a CHAMPION!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maybe later....

Procrastination is evil.

Have you ever "waited" for a better timing or better light or warmer weather or any list of other non sense that keeps us from action.

You know you have....
Clearly I need to shave.

I'll do it later.

Some tips to avoid procrastination:

1. Be on a set schedule. This way you know when you do things and YOU DO THEM. No procrastination.  At noon I workout! Stick to it!
2. Set daily goals and reward yourself.
3. Do the most unpleasant things that you have to first! We do a workout at the gym that involves 100 reps of 10 exercises. The one the have to do is burpees. It's also the hardest one. Many do that first to get it done!
4. Focus on your big vision every day. This will keep on task!
5. Read you affirmations everyday. This is a good one: "I do daily tasks on time and when they need to be done so that I can live of my dreams." Boom!
6. Drink Spark directly before the doing the things you may procrastinate.
7. Remember what I said in the video.... or are you going to watch it later?

A quick reminder about our webinar tonight.

Have you been procrastinating getting started on the 24 Day Challenge. Now may be the perfect time.

24 Day Challenge LIVE webinar
No sign in required. 
Thursday, April 10th, 9pm EST
20 minutes that could change your life.
Sound: 559-726-1000 code 342621

To your success! 
Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The secret

There is a certain secret that we as trainers and coaches have. You may not know that we know, but...believe me. We know.

Watch the 2 minute video above. It is a VALUABLE message I think. It is one of those little messages that makes you stop and think and could change your life.

Speaking of changing your life.... how about this for a life changer.
The picture above is Mike. He has lost 120 lbs now since we started working with him. It all started with the 24 Day Challenge. Mike is going to be a special guest on our webinar tomorrow night at 9pm EST. It's a 20 minute webinar discussing the 24 Day Challenge. It's been a long time since we've done one of these webinars and I'm not sure when we will do it again.

Make sure to jump on! 

24 Day Challenge LIVE WebinarThursday, April 10th, 9pm EST Sound: 559-726-1000 code 342621 

To your success!
Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why is America fat?

I am not super big on stats. Don't get me wrong, I love numbers but we could go back on forth on numbers all day. I don't want to do that. Today I want to share what I believe are the root causes of obesity in America.

Can we agree that America is fat?

For the sake of this blog post today we will say, yes, America is fat.

The question up for discussion is this: Why?

Before I give my OPINION on why American is fat I am going to tell you why this topic is on my brain today. I am going to start by telling you what I really don't "know" the answer.

That is why the word "opinion" is in all capitols about. Nobody REALLY knows why we are fat. If we knew the actual answer don't you think we would fix the problem?

Well, in theory, yes. I think that the reason we can't fix the problem has a lot to do with the fact that we don't know really what caused the problem so how do you fix something that you don't truly understand?

I don't know either.

I saw a Facebook post yesterday from someone that said that sugar and artificial sweeteners were making us fat. Is there some truth to that? It's a stretch but a little. Could it be this simple. No it is not.

Not even close.

I am going to keep things simple today.

I have defined 3 reasons, in order of importance, that we are fat and getting fatter. Yes, these are generalities and no I really don't know the answer to what to do next BUT I will give you 3 things to do to make a difference at the end.

Make sure to read to the end!

Why is America fat?

Reason #1: The ridiculous decline in the quality of our food. 

Why is this? I have a theory. (Shocker, I know, right?)

Food is a HUGE money making industry in our country. People earn an income based on producing food. Guess what? Is there someone else out there making the same food? Yes. Why buy from person A vs. person B? Good question.

Over the years food production has turned into who can sell the food that tastes the best, lasts the longest and can be produced for the lowest cost. 

Who can make a cheaper widget. Right?

Would you pay $5 for a box of Strawberry's that were little and not very bright or would you pay $2 for a box of Strawberry's that were HUGE and bright red? Who cares why they are huge and bright red. Cheaper and better tasting is better!

Through all this competition more and more preservatives have been put into out food and more and more chemicals and more and more bad, bad stuff has been used to make it look and taste better.

This has dragged down the quality of the food so much that we are getting a fraction of the nutrition today from food than we used to even 15-20 years ago.

More preservatives means more sugar which means less absorption, less energy, more fat and more disease.

It doesn't matter how well you eat. You just can't get the nutrition that you used to be able to get and this creates a snowball effect in your body. The less nutrition you get the less energy you have, the less energy you have the less you move, the less you move the more illness you have, the more illness you have the more stress you have...and on and on and on.

The biggest reason that we are fat is that our food supply is crap and getting worse. I know that I am not wrong on this one.

Reason #2: The government isn't interested in doing anything to stop the problem. 

I know. A vague "reason" that I can't really justify.I think it is true. Leaders lead by example.

How many of our leaders are advocates for health and fitness? How much does government support physical education, health initiatives in schools, walking trails, nutrition education, preventative medicine, etc.

What if a student needed to play a sport to graduate high school or run a mile or workout everyday?

What if welfare applicants needed to be drug, alcohol and nicotine free? What if, in order to get health insurance you needed to be drug, alcohol and nicotine free AND workout 5 days per week.

I know this is preposterous but hopefully you get the point. Government is concerned only with staying in power and not creating change. Look at the mess with the Affordable Care Act. Who wins in this environment? Nobody!

Local and national governments need to step to the plate and stop this madness. Stop spending so much time and energy to develop another vaccine or  blood pressure pill. Invest in health education and building trails.

How about tax breaks for doing burpees?

Who is leading the country? The people or the people with money? I think we all know the answer to that.

Reason #3: The internet. 

Yes. I just blamed Al Gore.

Seriously though. This is broad but I truly believe that we have lost our way with what we do with our free time. When I say the internet I also mean: TV, cell phones, computers, video games, Facebook, blogs...

You get my drift.

We have so much to do in front of electronics now that we don't "have time" to workout, cook dinner, walk the dog or explore the trails that government built...or will build.

Guess how we afford to buy the XBox, iPhone, plasma TV and all the accessories and contracts...

We work WAY TO MUCH so that we can veg in front of the computer and TV for hours and hours.

Who remembers growing up in the 70's or 80's?

Oh good. Me too.

I got home from school, thew my books on my bed, rode my bike to my friends, played guns or football, built forts, climbed trees and goofed off till dark. Then it was home to do my homework and maybe watch a little TV.

My mom cooked my dinner every night.

Do kids still do this? Some do but how many kids are in front of a computer, on the phone or watching Netflix? 

As adults we have similar changes in the last 30 years. Who has to work more, invests in healthy eating less, plays with electronics more and exercises less?

How about this for a statistic. In 2005 Americans spend 744 million on energy drinks. In 2013 it was 9 billion. 

Do you see the problem here?

We have no energy. We have little hope. Americans are fat. This we can't deny.

Why? Well our food supply sucks, the government refuses to do anything but keep power and pretend there is no problem and we are not helping our own cause. We work to much so we can have things that we really don't need so we can work so more. 

Does that sum it up? So what do we do?

If I knew that answer to that question I would be part of the problem.

Here are 3 things that I would do if I were you:

1. Do the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and regularly take supplements to counteract the fact that our food supply sucks. Is this "salesy" on my part? Sure. Guess what? My wife Teresa and I are the most fit people you know. Maybe we have it figured out. Honestly, find another supplement company if you want. You need to supplement your your diet. Period.

2. Advocate for more physical education in school, more trails, more healthier and fitness and get your butt out the door. Go to a different local trail every weekend and post all about it on social media. Invite your friends to go for a bike ride or a hike. Donate to parks or trails or wellness in general. Creating a movement starts with action.

3. Limit your internet and TV time. Hard one I know. Several months ago my wife and I eliminated TV in the kids rooms and in our room. Guess what? We play cards more, we read more and my wife and I give each other massages more! WIN.

I know it's not a lot of stuff but it is a start. You have to start with YOU and with YOUR HOME.

Sorry this was so long today. Lots of information but it's stuff you need to know.

If you want to learn more about how you can get involved with our supplement program you can join us at our home in Grand Island TONIGHT 7-8pm for our Advocare Nutritional Mixer. Learn about how Advocare can help provide solutions for your health and your finances. Our address is: 2481 Plumadore Dr.

You can also tune into a live webinar on Thursday at 9pm EST. This should last about 20 minutes. Simple and easy. No sign in required. Today anonymous.

To join the webinar: For sound: 559-0726-1000 code 342621.

Hope you got some value out of today's post. If so please like, comment and share. We always appreciate that!

To your health!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
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