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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What do we take for supplements.

I told people for the first 12 years that I was personal trainer to avoid supplements.


Ignorance. Plain and simple.

I had never taken supplements so I know nothing about them. Man...if I knew then what I know now. If would have started using Advocare a long time ago.

The following is a 3 part video serious on what supplements we suggest you use in conjunction with working out. We suggest that everyone start with the 24 Day Challenge:

With the body balanced and the fat coming off we highly suggest that people us the Advocare PErformacne Elite Line.

We start with pre-workout:

Then during workout: 

Last we talk about what to take after you work out.

If you have any further questions make sure to talk to you Advocare sponsor. If you don't have a sponsor we would gladly answer any questions that you have. 

My wife and I love the Advocare product line. Hey, if's its good enough for the fittest guy on the planet then it's good enough for us! 

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