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Monday, January 13, 2014

Musical Chairs

Have you ever played musical chairs? I bet you have. It's fun, right?

Not that kind of musical chairs. 

Have you ever headed off to the gym and either left your kids and spouse at home?  Or maybe left the kids in "wee wellness" (watching cartoons) and the man headed off to the man cave (free weights) and the lady headed off to a class or the elliptical? 

I guarantee you know what I am talking about. the free weight area....

So...what are the kids up to to?

We know it true but what are we as parents to do?

We have a solution! 

Tonight Your Best Fitness Coach is hosting a fun event: Musical Chairs

This isn't the musical chairs that you remember from birthday parties. This is EXTREME musical chairs. This is the chairs are SPREAD OUT so you need to move your butt and get a WORKOUT all at the same time.

Do something different and join us for a FREE friends and family night. 

Impact Center at Trinity Church

890 Abrams Road, Eustis 
Monday, January 13th 5:30pm-6:15pm
All ages and abilities welcome!

Come join the fun! Free for all! 

For questions: | 352-989-6795 

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