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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another secret from the fitness guru...

Why does obesity keep going up and the health of our country keep going down? Honestly I think it is because people just aren't doing the right things.

I know, how profound.

I am going to talk about stepping outside the box today.

We all know we need to work out. We all know that we need to be consistent. But did you know that if you want to get something different you need to do something different.

Step outside the box and do something extra ordinary if you want to be extra-ordinary.

Watch this quick video to hear what I have to say about doing something a little extra to get something a little extra.

In the video I talk about recover. I talk about how when you do more with your body you need to put more into your body. You need to provide the necessary nutrients to your body so that it can change for the better. We utilize AdvoCare Post Workout Recovery and Nighttime Recovery to provide our bodies with the tools and materials that it needs to become more! 

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