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Saturday, January 25, 2014


A mission statement is a "statement of purpose" or a person or companies "reason for existing".

That's powerful.

It's so powerful that it embarrassing that I have never really defined a mission statement for my business. Honestly I am not a fan of a fluffy, professional thought out statement with a bunch of bunch words. I am all about simplicity.

Simply yet powerful. THAT is what I believe in.
"Empower YOU to be a CHAMPION"

6 words that mean a lot.

How much more powerful can you get than the word "empower". How about the word "YOU"? Is there anyone more important than YOU. There is not.

Becoming or being a champion it the pinnacle of success in my book.
We work with people that aspire to be a champion. Posers need not apply.
We work with people that are really to do the work.
We work with people that are ready to invest time, energy, money and do whatever it takes to be a champion.

Contact me if you want to be a champion! 
Rick Copley, Fitness Guru at Your Best Fitness Coach

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