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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is fitness?

The readers of my blog yesterday gave me a TON of feedback.

Feedback is good. This means that a lot of people read it. As a matter of fact it had the most views ever for the first day of a blog post.

This means it's an important topic. This post today may be considered a follow up or a part 2. It's important non the less.

In case you missed yesterdays blog you can read it here:

To me the important conversation for all the feedback revolves around the question: what is fitness?

Does being stronger, faster, and leaner equal fitness? How about how much weight we can lift or how fast we can do a workout? Or run a mile? Or ride a bike? Can it be how far we can throw a ball or shoot a ball or an arrow?

Kind of makes you think, right?

If you Google the question, "What is fitness?" you are going to get hundreds of hits.

I am not here to reinvent the wheel.

Fitness is the state of feeling and looking good. You can add more words and you can play with it all you want but the fact remains. We all know what it means to be fit.

What we really want to know is how to be MORE FIT.

Notice I didn't say "fit". There is not such thing as "being fit."

"I am fit". No, you are not.

"I am getting fit". BINGO.

So how do you get more fit?

That is the real question AND the real answer. What is fitness? Fitness is knowing that you are not really fit and you need to keep working hard. 

To me this means that you need to workout most days with a focus on metabolic conditioning that incorporates core strength and stability.

I believe that this could mean different things to different people and that is what makes our world so special.

We are allowed to be different. 

We can do what makes us happy in our job in our recreation and in the way we workout. If you want to have lots of muscles then go for it. If you want to run fast then go get 'em. If you want to be flexibly then focus on that.

The point is that as long as you are happy doing what you are doing and you are getting better then go for it.

I see lot's of people that train in the gym with the body building modality. I would never train that way because that is not my thing. Who am I to say that is "wrong"?

I see lot's of people that run or ride endless miles. I don't do that either. Is it wrong? No way. It's right for those people.

CrossFitters do their thing. Do I do what they do? No, I do not. Again, who am I to say that they are wrong? That is not my place either.

To sum things up and to bring an end to today's post I have this to say:

Many people from many areas of fitness think that this is some sort of a pissing contest. Runners are the most fit because they can run forever. CrossFit makes the fittest on the planet. Gymnasts are the most fit. Body builders....and on and on and on. Fitness is about YOU. It is about you being a better you tomorrow. No modality, no trainer, no program, no routine is best for everybody. Fitness is about you becoming more each and every day. Period. 

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To your success! 
Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
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