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Friday, May 16, 2014

Another trainer secret

Want to keep today's message short and to the point. In today's video I review a secret that most good trainers know ABOUT YOU. Yes...we do know.
So you wanted the video and you say something like, "Well this may be kinda true but not for me..."

Whatever. It's the truth and you know it.

So what are some ways what we are dishonest with ourselves and out trainers.

1. How often we I go out to eat? "Not very often..." could mean 3-5 times per week which is a big bad deal.
2. How much do I eat? Generally people think they eat too much when in reality they don't eat enough.
3. How often do you eat fruits and veggies? "All the time..." Yeah, right. I had an apple last week is more like it. Potato chips do not count as a vegetable.
4. "I eat a good breakfast!" Hmmm.... coffee and a danish. NG. (no good)
5. "I do a cheat day once a week OR SO...." Sometimes I think you should finish that sentence with, "only on days that end in Y".

The point of the video is right on. Don't kid yourself. Be honest with the trainer in the mirror and get the help of your coach. Your body will thank you!

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