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Friday, May 23, 2014


Normal is fat, lazy and out of shape.

Normal is eating emotionally and giving up because it's just too hard.

Normal is eating a quick take out dinner and having a few bears to wind down each night.

Normal is watching 3-5 hours of TV a night.

Normal is un-healthy, sick and miserable.

Do you want to be normal like everyone else or do you want to be extra-ordinary? 

What do you want to look like? These guys....

Or this guy....

You get the point. 

Normal is not where you want to be. 

Guess that is NOT normal?

Getting up at 5am to go work out. Who does that
Eating out twice per month instead of twice a week. Crazy talk.
Getting rid of your bedroom TV. What would you do for 3-5 hours per night. Uhhh....
Keep track of your food every day. That takes time. Gosh...who in the world does that?

Well... these are habits that my wife and I have. We are clearly not normal....

If you want to be normal that is 100% fine. 

But do you want to be a champion? Guess what? You can't be both. 

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To your success! 
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