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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Failure Opportunity

I absolutely love this topic.

It is my belief that most of what we do or do not accomplish revolves around our mindset and out DECISIONS. The difference between success and failure is almost always about the way we THINK.

Let me set the stage for you on how this topic came to light for me.

Part of the workout yesterday was a rope climb. Love the rope climb! It is a massive challenge but doable for anybody if your mind is set to accomplish the task!
Coach Katrina KILLING the rope climb! 
If a member couldn't do the rope climb we modified it by letting he or she simply hang. 

Most couldn't get up the rope. A couple did but the rest simple hung for 30 seconds.

Gidget, however, was having none of that. She knew she couldn't climb the rope but she didn't want to be relegated to hanging. Here is her attempt at a rope that she had never before gotten off the ground with: 

Gidget didn't make it up the rope. 

This is a failure. So what now? Does Gidget take this an opportunity to work harder and fight for a goal? Or does she simply quit and say, "It's too hard..."

The results is yet to be determined but my money is on Gidget. 

Today's video message is about how failure is simply an opportunity to make a decision. This is POWERFUL stuff. This message could change your life. Check it out. 

We are super excited for tomorrows webianr. This is going to be BY FAR the most free content that we have ever put our there. In 45 minutes you are going to learn how to eat to: shed fat, gain energy and add lean muscle mass. 

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Here are the details:

Webinar Wednesday: "How to eat like a CHAMPION"
Wednesday, May 14th, 8pm EST (45 minutes)
On computer: 
Dial in for sound: 559-726-1000 code 342621 

Step by step guide of how to eat. No scientific jargon. Just strait forward nuggets from myself and my fantastic wife on WHAT TO EAT. 

If you know anyone that may want to learn how to eat properly to shed fat, gain energy and add lean muscle mass could you share this with them so we can add value to their live. We appreciate that! 

To you health,

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

PS. Check this out. My wife is going to be part of the webinar on Wednesday at 8pm! Some people may just know her as the super hot and super fit wife BUT...this girl has amazing before and after pics! Check her out! 

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