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Friday, May 2, 2014

Big numbers

I probably shouldn't do this.

What the heck.

Here is the workout this we did today at 6am:

"The Gidget"
75 burpees
1.5 mile run
75 burpees

It was a lot of fun; especially the second 75 burpees.

I bring up this workout to show you an example of workout that has a high number. Of course this flies in the face of conventional wisdom and comfort.

Since when are conventional wisdom and comfort your primary concern in workouts?

While I don't think you should do high numbers EVERY time you workout I do think it is an amazing way to add some variety to your workout.

Here is another one that we do:

""Decimal point"
150 sit-ups
15 stairs
1.5 mile run

You get the point.

It's fun to push through the big numbers and very much a challenge.

The end goal is ALWAYS to do something a little difference to surprise your body. Your body will NOT be ready for 2 round of 75 burpees. Trust me.

Try it the next time you are at the gym. Finish up your regular workout with 100 push-ups and see what you body says to you the next day!

Your Best Fitness Coach is SUPER EXCITED to announce that we are joining forces with ASM Fitness of Eustis. The biggest change for now is that we are moving our classes to their facility. The facility is really nice and we are super excited to make this move!
Perfect place for small group classes and personal training! 
You can check out their Facebook page here:

Jump on the page and click "LIKE" please!

We will be doing a grand opening workout and open house on May 10th. If you are in the area then stop on by! Please go to the Facebook event page to RSVP.

We are so excited to be joining the ASM family. If you would like "ASM Fitness" on Facebook we would really appreciate it!

To your fitness!

Rick Copley, Certified Personal Trainer, ASM Fitness 
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

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