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Monday, March 10, 2014

Negativity is dense

Each bit of positive is a feather. Each bit of negative is a bowling ball. This is truth my friends.

Some of us are bombarded with negative. This come from within and it comes from the outside. Some of us surround ourselves with negative people so that we can feel at home. 

We are have negatively in our lives. To not admit this is a folly. 

Some of us will EMBRACE the negatively because it is easy. REMEMBER that negatively is dense so it requires less effort to put out and bring in. 

My advice to you:
- Surround yourself with positive forward thinking people.
- Do as much positive as you can.
- Eliminate as much negative from your life as possible. 
- Have a CAN DO attitude. 
- Be grateful for what you HAVE and not sad about what you HAVE NOT.
- If you want something then go get it. 
- Have an attitude of abundance and not scarcity. 
- Smile.

I know this is all simple stuff and it seems pretty mundane. Look at your Facebook wall. Do you want to hang out with the people that are posting about how wonderful their life is or are you attracted to the people that are "aggravated" or "frustrated" or "disappointed".

Just something to think about. 

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Yours in fitness, 
Rick Copley, AdvoCare Gold 3-Star Independent Distributor
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