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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Do as Rich Froning does....

This guy is an absolute stud. 3X CrossFit games CHAMPION!
For many, many years I have told people that carried a clip board and programming workouts is not necessary the best way to go. Doing "back and biceps" one day and then "chest and tris" the next day may work for some but it doesn't work for me. 

To each his own but I feel good about what I tell people because it is the same as Rich Froning. If it's good enough for him....

Here is what I think: workout. Do different things. Get real tired. Nourish. Rest. Repeat.

People make things to complicated. Reps and sets and body parts and this and that. Just work hard and you get fit. Why make it so complicated? 

Here is the Rich Froning video. A day in the life...

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