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Friday, April 4, 2014

What is for breakfast?

Have you ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Of course you have. How many people have a healthy breakfast most days? Who cares.

Do you have a healthy breakfast each day? Well you should.

In this article today I am going to talk about what you should be eating for breakfast.

But first lets look at WHY you should eat a healthy breakfast and why we do not.

First of all. Why? Well let's look at the word "breakfast". The first word is "break" and the second part is "fast". First thing in the morning you need to "break" your "fast". Your body needs to heal and rejuvenate itself so we sleep. What happens when we wake? That's right! It's time to get going again. This is why we need food. We need energy to get going!

When we eat a good breakfast we gain energy, we feel better, we feel more motivated, we start cranking up our metabolism and provide the body with the nutrients that it needs to function on all levels.

Sadly many simply have a cup of coffee and a quick hit of sugar and think this is breakfast. It feels good for a while then your body crashes and you are worse off. You are better of not eating then doing this.

So after a long break from food what DOES the body need? It needs QUALITY carbohydrates (energy) and QUALITY protein to help assist the energy for the rest of the day.

Is this a good breakfast?

Sugar and caffeine are going to fire up your adrenals and are going to make you feel pretty up for a while. Will this last? No! What do most people do when they crash an hour or two later? Yep. More coffee. 

Not a wise choice. 

Hoe about this classic breakfast?

Getting better. I love eggs. Bacon I avoid like the plague. A whole another issue from another article.

Why is this not a good breakfast? This is basically nothing but protein. Is this going to give you energy? No. Are you getting the nutrition that your body needs? Some but not what you truly need.

As a general rule of thumb you should eat more carbohydrates (energy) in the morning and more protein (recovery and muscle building) in the evening. 

Sorry. The classic bacon and eggs in not a great breakfast. 

Here is what I LOVE to make and eat at breakfast....

What do you see here. This is an actual picture that I took of a breakfast that I made. It was delicious if I don't say so myself.

What do you see here?

Eggs and turkey bacon. Yes there is protein but notice the fruit? This day it was mango, blueberries and tomatoes. (Tomatoes and botanically a fruit but legally a vegetable. The crazy things you learn over the years as a personal trainer.

What should you avoid as your first meal? Here are list of things that I would stay away from. Remember you want to eat food in the morning that is as natural as possible to set your body up the right way!
- Milk
- Pastries 
- Candy 
- Bacon
- White bread
- Low grade sugary cereal

What should you eat for breakfast?

First of all, if you say, "I don't have time for a good breakfast..." with all do respect you are a full of crap. Get up 10 minutes earlier. There. You have time!

Simple. High qualify food. Some protein some carbohydrate. Virtually any fruit or vegetable will do for the qualify carb part. For the protein I LOVE eggs and turkey bacon. We have eggs and fruit 75% of mornings in my house. Oatmeal is good also. ALWAYS mix fruit in with the oatmeal. We like to add some Advocare Muscle Gain powder to our oatmeal to give it flavor and add some extra protein. So tasty! 

What if you are going to a workout or are on the go? Bananas are pretty cool because they come in their own little wrapper! Yeah! Try grabbing some almonds to go with your bananas or apple and anything else that you grab on the do! 

Meal replacement shakes can be OK as well. The Advocare Meal Replacement Shake is really good. Be careful with MRS's. MAKE SURE that they are at least 200 calories! You really can't get to many calories at breakfast! 

Let's summarize. 

* When you eat breakfast you feel better, have more energy and set a good example for your family and co-workers to follow. You lose fat and gain muscle. You become a better person. Who does't want that?

* There are no good excuses for skipping breakfast which ironically most Americans do. Most Americans are also overweight and unhealthy. Go figure. 

* The simple step of taking a few minutes to have some eggs or oatmeal and fruit will solve many of the health issues that many of you are having.

This is fact. 

Hope you got some value out of today's blog post. Please share with your friends if you want to help us make a difference in the health of our country. We always appreciate that!

To your continued health! 
Rick Copley, AdvoCare Gold 3-Star Independent Distributor
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

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