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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Birthday Blog

Today's blog entry is not going to be what you think.

Bare with me.

Because we are in the Social Media age you get to see what all your close friends, family and mere acquaintances are doing.... ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes it's cool. Sometimes it's disturbing.

Sometimes it's a little of both.

Today is my birthday. 20 years ago, to the day, I turned 21 years only. Yay for me.

I made it to 41. Let's celebrate.

OK, birthdays are cool. It's a reason to celebrate and to give presents and cards and stuff. Although in these days it's turned mostly into let's post on the Facebook wall of the birthday boy/girl . That's cool today.

The universal question as far I can see is this: Why do we celebrate the one thing that we don't have control over?

Really. We part all weekend to celebrate the act of simply showing up. We celebrate the one thing that all living people have in common; we were born.

It's kind of like the YMCA giving trophy's to all the kids that finish the soccer season.

I'm writing a little in jest today.

Its great to have that one day per year that it is all about you. It's good to get attention just for making another trip around the sun.

I am excited to be 41. Really, I am. Zzzzzzzzzz.....

How about this? MAYBE we should celebrate people that lose weight? Maybe we should celebrate people that get a PR for 5kn? Maybe we should celebrate QUITTING a job or getting a promotion or whatever is important.


My argument is two fold. For one, people go way overboard with the celebrating of birthdays. A birthday weekend? Really. You're 36. Come on.

16, 18 and 21 are important birthdays. Have a party. 30, 40 and 50. Yay! Go out for a couple of drinks.

A weekend? Come on.

My other point is what we choose to celebrate.

I think society has gotten way to soft. We don't want people feeling bad for mediocrity. Call it what it is. You are mediocre. If you bust out of mediocrity and decide to do something cool and empowering then you should be celebrated!

Having a child is something to be celebrated. Finishing college. Finishing a marathon. Starting a direct sales business. I think these are all reasons to celebrate more then hitting another April 22nd. 

Today I am another year older. To me it isn't a big deal but I am happy to feel a little special today. The birthday wishes are appreciated and I love you all for reaching out today.

As I look back on the 41 years I try my best to remember the journey so far as positive. The bad choices and the bad luck (actually the same thing) weight heavy at times. I, like so many others, sometime dwell on the "what could have been" a little more than I should around my birthday.

What good does that do in the long run?

Today I look forward to MANY more GREAT years. Why? 2 reasons.

#1: My health is 100% our of this world thanks to my lifestyle and what I put in my body. LEARN MORE.
#2: My future is secure because I creating a residual income with AdvoCare that is going to giving my EVERYTHING that I want in the coming years. LEARN MORE.

Today's message may seem all over the map. Perhaps it is.

If you get nothing more from my birthday blog then this then simply "celebrate life" then that is OK.

That is a good message. Thank you for reading. Enjoy your day and CELEBRATE!

To your abundance!

Rick CopleyYour Best Fitness Coach
"Empowering YOU to be a champion

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