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Monday, February 10, 2014

Workouts can be fun!

Why do anything long term if you don't get something out of it?

Seriously. Is there anything that you are willing to do day in and day out that you will continue to do day in and day out that doesn't give you some sort of reward. Negative.

It's kind of like prison.

Who wants to go to prison.

Quick video today. Please excuse the voice and the weird dog. I am sick and craves attention. Makes for a fun video!

If you are local to central Florida we are doing a fun and FREE workout tonight. It's a team challenge!

I know, you are still stuck on the fun and free part. Do those two words go together? Yes they do!

Workout/event/kickin' fun time is at 5:30pm at the Impact Center at Trinity Church in Eustis. The gymnasium is in the back. Won't you join us?

Do you find value here? If so then we would appreciate if you like, comment and share. Thank you and look for our webinar on how to acquire the six pack of your dream. It's coming...

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Did you miss the conference call about our weight loss/plateau busting program called the 24 Day Challenge. Below are the details for the recording. It is just 26 minutes and there are a total of 8 voices on the call including a guy that has lost 115 lbs! UN-REAL!

559.726.1099 code 342621 ref#33
Just 26 minutes. No sign in required!
Yours in fitness,
Rick Copley, AdvoCare Gold 3-Star Independent Distributor
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