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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Crunches are silly. Really, they are....

I remember a bunch of years ago a site that has stuck with me.

There were 3 girls at the YMCA. They were all young-ish; likely high school age. Two of them were a little big but very athletic looking. One was skinny and not very athletic looking.

These 3 girls probably spend an hour doing ab exercises. They went from machine to machine doing set after set. Then they worked the floor exercises and did more sets.

They all walked out of the gym that day with wash board abs.

No they didn't.

The truth bout ab exercises and in particular the holy grail or the ab routine CRUNCHES actually do more harm then good and don't help you to get washboard abs at all. 

We all have washboard abs. Everybody has the same abdominal musculature. What is the difference? It is the amount of fat that we have on top of the abs. This is truth.

Don't believe me? You don't have to. It's the truth.

So how do you get abs?

The same way that you lose weight. 

1. Change your mindset.
2. Change the way you nourish yourself.
3. Change the way that you workout. 

Check out this quick video as I tell you how I feel without mincing any words. 

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To your fitness! 
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