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Monday, June 2, 2014

If you look.... will find.

What you look for out of life in due time you certainly will find it.

It's the law of attraction.

It's a simple concept yet most of you are doing it all wrong. Most of you are looking for AND FINDING the bad in life. Most of you are looking for, finding and SHARING the bad in life.

Oh yes....there is more.

Most are looking for, finding, sharing, and then USING AS AN EXCUSE the bad in life.

If you don't know what I am talking about look through your Facebook feed. 

The advent of the internet has created a whole new subset of people. These are the introverts that now can squawk from behind a computer and try to bring everyone down.

I saw a post of Facebook just yesterday about a bounce house being blown away by the wind. The reaction of the poster was, "I'm never letting my daughter in one of those again."

Do you know the people that share articles of animal abuse or people that get killed and comment,m "So sad!"?

Why are you sharing things that make you sad? 

It's a bit like the news train wreck mentality. EVERYBODY wants to see a train wreck. We want to hear about people dying, people getting abused, failed marriages and other things that add no value to your life.

What does it do?

I think for a lot of people it makes them feel better about themselves. No matter how screwed up you are there is always someone more screwed up.....

I could be wrong that is the way it seems.

My message to you is simple. You will find what you are looking for. You will find all the success and abundance that you are looking for as long as you look for it. If you are looking for the easy way out or the a shortcut or just looking to make yourself feel better well then you will do that also.

If you look for tragedy and you look for a short cut. Guess what you will find? You will find a short cut to tragedy.

Success and abundance are for all of us. The journey is going to have challenges for sure. It's not always going to be clear which way to go. The important thing is that we empower our selves and we empower others to look for the rights things. 

Are you looking for abundance are you looking for an excuse?

It's up to you.

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