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Friday, June 27, 2014

5 habits of people with hot bodies

Before I share these habits there has to be a caveat.

What are hot bodies?

I'm not talking about high school kids here. I'm not talking about young people who are genetically gifted with hot bodies. There is nothing you can do about that.

I'm also not talking about the photoshopped anorexic looking models you see in the glossy magazines. That really isn't attainable.

I'm talking about the hotties you see at the beach or at the gym that also look healthy and vibrant.

I'm talking about the people that you see that are normal people but just look damn good when they are showing a lot of skin.

How do they do it?

HABIT #1: They LIMIT intake of fluids that are not water. This means several things. It's doesn't mean they "don't drink" or they "don't have soda". This is not the case often times. Fit people will drink alcohol and an occasional soda. They key is that at night out at the bars is once a month or so and they limit themselves to a drink or two. They may also have an occasional soda but not a six-pack of Coke per day.

PLEASE notice the difference here. I am not saying that is order to be hot looking you need to RESTRICT yourself 100%. What I am saying is that you be hot you need to drink drink mostly water. You won't see the hot body from the beach in the supermarket buying two leaders of Dr. Pepper. It's just not going to happen.

HABIT #2: They have working out as a priority. What does this mean? This means that the hot bodies at the beach just plain workout harder and more consistently than those that don't have the hot bodies. This is 100% truth. The hot bodied people are the ones that FIRST hit the gym then go to the beach. These are the people that ALWAYS have a gym membership and not just in January. It may seem like common sense that to have a hot body you need to work out. Believe me, it is that simple.

To me it's the mindset that matters. The mindset and the focus come first. Once you have it then you get the hot body. It's not other way around. People have hot bodies because they work out constantly. It's not the other way around.

HABIT #3: People that have hot bodies understand that FADS are simply fads and they don't jump from thing to thing. This is a tough one. Some super hot looking people are doing "fad" type of diets and programs. Truth is though that they are doing those things as a way to progress and a way to improve. The hot bodies of the world don't go from flabby to a hottie by the latest and greatest "move at the gym" or "weight loss pill" or "grape cleanse diet".

The hot people at the beach stick to the simple principles of fitness as their foundation. They understand that there are lot's of ways to get fit but no new, latest and greatest breakthrough, alone is going to work long term.

HABIT #4: The people with the hottest bodies worry less about the silly drama that goes on in other lives and focus instead on the good of the world. This is another generalization but is it true in most cases. Stress causes you to gain weight. We all know that. Stress is also perception. Different forms of stress are different levels of stress for most people.

Have you ever seen people on Facebook that say, "I am sick of all the drama on Facebook". Have you also noticed that those people are the ones CAUSING all the drama? I have 1647 friends on Facebook. Guess how much drama I have on my Facebook? Not one bit. Hmmm.... I also look pretty good at the beach.

Coincidence? I think not.

HABIT #5: We don't play the blame game. Those of us with hot beach bodies do the following things and we do them well: We don't MAKE EXCUSES, we TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and we don't BLAME other people for out lot in life.

This is the most important habit. This is the one that makes all the other ones possible. The hotties of the world have figured out that they need to make the right choices. They have figured out that it is their choice to be hot at the beach and to look damn fine in the gym in a tank top. The people with the sexy bodies have drawn a line in the sand and said THIS IS MY BODY. I will mold it the way that I want to mold it. My body is my responsibility and no one else is going to make my body look bad or make my body look good.

It is my choice.

I hope this all makes sense. I'm sure that it wasn't that you were expecting. The glossy magazine and the infomercials and the personal trainer at the gym and your local "latest and greatest program" instructor will tell you that they have the answer and they this is the way to get a hot body.

In reality it's not up to all that external stuff. It's up to you to choice to have the right habits. It's up to you to act with a sense of purpose. It's up to you to create the body that you want. Those that strut by at the beach looking HOT are that way because they made the decision to do it.

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To your success!

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
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