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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I did something completely out of character while we were away on vacation.

Yes, I took a group exercise class.

Clearly not my thing but it was BodyPump so at least it was a little like what I am used to. I always tell people to do something different so I figured I'd follow my owe advice.

It was a valuable lesson for me. 

I admit that I am a fitness dork. I don't just workout. I think about the workout. I don't mean that I think about the actually movements. I mean that I think about what others are thinking and why I am doing what I am doing.

Strange but true.

I really feel that I look at things from a pretty unbiased perspective.

Really. I look at a workout from the perspective of not only what results I am others are getting but I also think about the workout from a "would I do that regularly" perspective and a "why would I do that regularly" perspective.

Who is still with me?

So I took BodyPump. If you want to know what the class entails CLICK HERE for a great description.

First off, I want to say that the instructor was awesome. She had amazing energy, was knowledgeable and she clearly enjoyed teaching the class.

Trust me. The instructor in a program like this can make or break the class.

The workout was hard and it was different than what I am used to. The weights were less but the repetitions we super high. Some of the muscle specific exercises were hard for me because I rarely will workout that way.

I hadn't done a bicep curl in years.

If you like a predicable workout with predicable moves that follow a flow, a beat and good music then this is a great workout. If that is how you like to workout then it is perfect for you.

For me it wasn't what I feel comfortable doing.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in shocking the body and doing something it is not used to.

I'm just not into the music and the predictability aspect.

I guess that I am weird that way.

Now, going back to what I was thinking during the workout.

Truth be told. I think way to much during the workout.

I got to thinking about the way that people workout and what they like. I was thinking about how some people think this way or that way is the best or more advantageous than this or that.

Who are YOU to say what is right for ME?
Who am I to say what is right for YOU?

That is the point. We are all different with what we like to do and the way that we like to train. Some people enjoy showing up every week, getting their steps and weights set up and doing a routine that is similar but a variation of the one the week before. Some people like the music and the predictability of the time.

It's just not me.

I want to show up with a goal and a task. Run 1 mile. Do 50 push-ups, 100 jump rope and 15 sit-ups. Rest 1 minute and do it again. I have a goal. I have a mission. I bust my butt at MY PACE to get there. It's what I like and it's how I get the best results.


You may be different.

One of the questions that I used to get as the Wellness Director at the YMCA was, "What is the best cardio exercise?" 

My answer was always the same, "The one that you are going to do."

Is BodyPump the optimal way to train your body? If you like it and will do it consistently then it certainly is. What is better BodyPump or sitting on the couch?

The answer is obvious.

In summary I will tell you this: There are many ways to skin the fitness cat. If you workout 4-6 times per week and vary what you do then you will get good results. Period. The end.

There is no best way. Just get your butt moving and keep it moving.

I hope that you got value out of this message. If you did then we would appreciate it if you shared with people that you know. Referrals are the life blood of our business.

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To your success,

Rick Copley, Your Best Fitness Coach 
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