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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Creative pictures and other ways to rationalize

The above picture appeared in my Facebook news feed the other day. I see probably a 100 pictures in my news feed everyday so I rarely comment but sometimes, if I see something very compelling, I will give a "like" or share the picture. 

In the limited space of a a Facebook comment I didn't feel that I could properly convey my thoughts about the above picture. 

Thus today's blog post.  

To be 100% honest I do not like this picture. As a matter of fact I hate it. To me it's a lot like the YMCA not keeping score in kids soccer and giving everybody a trophy. Or these schools that don't give grades because they don't want the kids to feel bad about themselves. 

I think the picture is damaging because it helps people to rationalize the fact that they CAN CHANGE yet they choose not to because they are convinced they can not. 

The picture is intended for, and thus totally appropriate, for the 30 year old woman who weights 135 but used to be 115 in high school. Or the runner who can't figure out why her friend who doesn't run at all is 10 lbs less then she. Your weight is fine. You're good. 

For many people the scale isn't the best way to judge health and wellness. 

But let's be real. For most people the scale is a GREAT way to judge your health. 

If you were 140 lbs at 21 and your scale says you are 240 lbs at 31 should you ignore the scale because at least you are a good person? 


That is not the point and I want to make sure that you understand that it's not about judging a persons self worth or who they are. People are not defined by their weight. People are not (or at least they shouldn't be) less loved based on their health. 

The fact of the matter is that it is hard to make a difference in the lives of others if you are unhealthy and sick.

If we as fitness professionals tell people that it is OK to be unhealthy then what are we doing to change the problem? Yes, it is a tough stance to take and it is HARD to face realities sometimes but it must be done.  

Many issues affect a persons weight and health. Some people honestly do need to ignore the scale. Some people obsess over a number that really means NOTHING. Some people.

In my opinion the VAST MAJORITY of people that look at the scale need to look at the scale and say, "Holy CRAP, I can't believe I weight that much. I HAVE TO do something NOW...."

I am a firm believer that YOUR health is YOUR problem. YOUR health is YOUR concern. YOUR health is 100% YOUR responsibility. It doesn't matter if you rationalize it or not. Nobody is going to change you. No book you read, no program you buy, not ObamaCare, not your trainer, not the YMCA or Gold's gym....

You are the one in charge. If you CHOOSE to focus on the fact that you are a good person and it's the fault of someone else that you are unhealthy then that is....wait for it.... YOUR CHOICE. 

Our job as fitness coaches is to help you once you have made the choice to change. I can do nothing for you if you are 400 lbs but have a good sense of humor. 

I can, however, help you if you look at the scale and choose to be disgusted by the number that you see. 

Here is YOUR action plan.

1. Look at your scale.
2. Decide what the number means to you.
3. Check with a fitness coach and ask them what they think.
4. Decide if the number means nothing or means something. 
5. Go exercise.

Does that make sense? 

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