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Friday, December 27, 2013

Just an average guy

No I am not.

Are you average? Is it OK to be average?

No it is not.

Average is not "normal". Average is accepting your fate and refusing to take responsibility for your own self and letting others dictate what you are and who you are.

73.9%. That's pretty average, right?

That's the percentage of people in North America that are overweight ( . Sounds like we as a county are pretty average.

According to The average credit card debt of Americans is $15,279. Awesome.

So...being "average" in this country is about being in debt and being overweight. Interesting.

Still want to be "average"?

Average is easy. You can always blame someone else and you can always to be thinking, "at least my neighbor is in the same boat".

Being average is about giving up accountability. It's about making excuses. Being average is about acceptance. Being average is a choice.

Do you want to choose to be average?

Do you want to be more?

I, for one, choose to become more... to be MORE.

I choose to excel and dream and create and BE MORE.

As 2013 becomes 2014 don't you think it is time to break the mold? Don't you think this is the year to be more than average? Don't you think this is the year that you listen to the people that are moving forward and not those that are trying to hold you back?

Do you think this can be your year?

I do.

I don't pretend to be a success guru; Tony Robbins I am not. I am not the goal setting master; there are plenty of books on how to do that.

What I am telling you is simple yet profound. It is the key to a successful life. It could be your secret to unlocking the beast within...


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