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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stupid things people say to avoid being honest

Sometimes I just don't get people.

Maybe it's more than sometimes...

So the other day I'm driving home from somewhere. My phone rings and I see that it is someone that is an AdvoCare customer of mine who I hadn't spoken to in a long time. She got right to the point with why she called.

She called to invite me to a business opportunity meeting.

Now this blog is not about the right and the wrong way to get people involved with your opportunity. I am ALL FOR direct sales and a business opportunity. It's just that I already have one that I absolutely love and that pays me well. I wouldn't look at any other ever in a million years.

That's not the point.

The point is that while I was talking to her I was thinking of how I was going to tell her that I couldn't come to her party.

100% honesty. The beach. We were talking the kids to the beach and we just weren't going to be around. That would have been a clear lie and totally dishonest. What other excuse could I make up...? Hmmm....

When she got done with her invite this is what I said, "Thank you for the invite. I am honored that you thought of us but I am not interested. I am happy with what we are doing and I have no desire to look at anything else. So have you been? Keeping busy?"

She understood and that was the end of it.

Most people go the easy and cheap way. They say, "I'll be there..." then they don't show up. Or they say, "I can't make this one, when is the next one..."

Lies, lies and lies.

I really don't know why people lie to get out of things. Why not be honest?

In fitness I see it SO OFTEN.

So why did you stop going to the gym? "OMG, life got in the way....I got so busy.... the kids went back to school....the kids weren't in school...." BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.....

We just don't want to the tell the truth.

"I gave up.... I quit....I didn't have the will purpose wasn't strong enough...."

My message today is simple. Have the courage to define your reality. Have the courage to say, "I quit because I didn't make it important enough. I quit because of me. I quit because I simply gave up. I quit and I am ashamed of myself for that. I need to become a better person and I am GOING TO TRY AGAIN."

Admitting that we failed at something is hard. Sometimes though it is ok to say, "It just wasn't for me." There doesn't have to be a reason.

Just don't lie or say something stupid. You didn't quit because you didn't like the music. Face the truth and you will feel better about yourself.

Hey, are you a runner? Teresa and I are super excited to announce that we are putting on a local 5k in Leesburg on October 4th. It's called the "Running is for the birds 5k run/walk."

Want to know the REALLY cool part? Well... actually two really cool parts.

Much of the course is on the rail trails downtown. Shade and no cars. Awesome stuff!

The other cool thing about the race is that the cost is just $15 to pre-register and $20 on race day. Can't beat that. Here is the link again:

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