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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Do you think that everybody wants to cheer for you? Do you think that all your friends and family are going to support you and love you no matter what? You are naïve if you think that.

You will be sabotaged.

When you are down I truly believe that people are there to help. There will always be someone to lend a hand or lent a buck. When you are down people want to help you. It’s human nature to lift up those that are lower than you. It’s human nature to help others to your level.

Did you catch that last part?

People are ALWAYS going to be there for you as long as you aren’t ahead of them in some way. When you get ahead of them then the survival instinct overwhelms the process. We don’t like to be behind. We are competitive by nature. We want to win. Losing sucks. Winning at all costs is ingrained in our fabric.

I honestly don’t care if you believe me. It is the truth.

I have a client that I used to work with that was a heavy lady with a heavy husband. I remember her telling me that her husband was going to sabotage her. He didn’t want her succeeding! He didn’t want to be the fat guy with a thin wife AND he didn’t want to work hard to improve himself. She was confused. He wouldn’t do that! Sure enough; she saw it happen. “Hey, honey I picked up pizza and those chips you like!”

Alarm clocks don’t shut themselves off.

“You know you really should spend more time with the kids and me…”
You get the point. I see it all the time. Unless both partners are committed to working out, one is almost always going to sabotage.

Friends do it the same thing. “Hey, we are going to the China Buffett for lunch. Want to come?”

Here is a SHOCKER. The candy jar is always full at work. Does that stuff just reproduce?

People will offer you a hand out of sympathy and pity. I believe people in their hearts want to help. People also become jealous. People also develop envy. As soon as you go past them with your successes the game changes.

Now they want to bring you down.

Like I said I see it all the time in fitness.

Where else do you so this?

At work? You bet! It’s more obvious here. The dude down the hall wants the promotion! Who cares how close you are with he and his family. He wants the promotion and will walk all over you to get it.

What about your relationship? Some people are so unsure in THEMSELVES that they sabotage YOU so that they look like the good guy.

“I think you are going to leave me.” When someone says this to you it is sabotage. They may not think it; but it is. The thought has been planted. The seed is sewn. Eventually we can make others do what we think as long as we believe it. This is a hard fact to accept but it is true.
The real destructive relationship sabotage occurs when someone is bitter and so lonely in their lives that they want you to feel the same.

She will support you when you are hurting, yes, but as soon as you start to succeed in a relationship she will do whatever she can to bring you back down. She will ask the questions that plant the seeds. She will cast doubt when doubt is not there. She will arrive under the cover of friendship to stab you in the heart to make herself feel better about her inability to be happy and content.

Welcome to my cynical world this morning. Being positive is good. Having a good attitude is necessary for a good life. There is, however, the reality evil out there. For every fan on your sidelines there is an enemy lurking.

Sometimes evil wears a dark coat; but not always.

Sometimes evil goes to bed with you every night.

Sometimes evil smiles at you.

Sometimes evil even stares at you from the mirror.

The evil of sabotage is out there. It’s everywhere; be aware. Now I am….

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