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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year....more of the same crap

I think its funny how much effort the drug companies put into "solving" simple problems. Let's look at obesity. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel (Wednesday, December 29th, 2010) talking about how a Japanese drug company is partnering with "local researchers to fight obesity".

This kind of stuff just drives me crazy:

Although most obesity drugs on the market today target the brain — in hopes of controlling a person's appetite — those types of drugs often have serious side effects, including depression. Researchers at Sanford Burnham and the Translational Research Institute are taking another approach: Trying to make a person's muscles burn more fat.

"We're looking at ways to turn on fat-burning," said Dr. Steven Smith, scientific director at the Translational Research Institute. "The idea is that we can help people lose weight by turning on the fat-burning and fat-oxidation mechanisms."

Ways to turn on fat burning? Are they serious? How about going for a run!

Listen, I'm not stupid. I am no rocket scientist but I know darn well that it is VERY hard for some people to lose weight. Some people it's very much harder than others. But, guess what people? Crap this this is why!

Let me explain.

We are reminded everyday by clever marketers how EASY weight loss is. Just try their products! Just 8 minutes per day! No diet and exercise! Take this pill! Drink this shake!

It's all CRAP!

Long term weight loss takes commitment on so many levels... SO MANY LEVELS. Pill and diets and machines don't work! What works is having a long term plan and a coach. THAT is what works.

I wish the Japanese money makers, ahem, drug companies, ahem "firm" finds a new drug to stop obesity. 

In the mean time while you're waiting for hell to freeze over try not eating sugar, walking for 60 minutes 5 days per week and doing 2 of my workouts per week. Yes, people it is that simple.

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