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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day at the Springs

It was such a beautiful spring day in Florida on Saturday. So nice in fact that my girlfriend and I packed a lunch, threw the kids and my guitar in the car and headed out to DeLeon Spring near Deland.

What a wonderful and perfect day!

While I kids were playing in the water Teresa and I sat in the sun while I played my guitar. After a while we started talking about fitness and the wellness and the sad state of health of most Americans.

I’m not one to judge but I couldn’t help but notice one lady sitting with her husband and their toddler a little ways from us. It wasn’t very hard to see why she wasn’t healthy.

This lady was very over weight.

Again, I’m not judging hear. I am observing. It’s a fact that she was overweight. We started talking about WHY this lady was overweight.

I don’t know her. I don’t know her genetics or her habits or her lifestyle or anything. I really have no idea exactly why she was overweight. I have my suspicions though…

The two biggest factors in why people are overweight is of course how you move your body and what you put into your body. I have no idea if this lady workout out or did anything. All I know is what I saw.

So what did I see?

Of course she was smoking. Does smoking make you fat? No but most people that smoke don’t lead very active lifestyles. That is just a fact. Smoking is so amazingly destructive to your body. This lady and her man smoking while they held there toddler make me more than a little annoyed.

She was drinking a Pepsi.

Some would argue that soda is just as destructive if not more destructive than smoking.  Soda will literally rot your body from the inside out. The sugar, the caffeine, the chemicals, the toxins…the carbonation; all these factors can cause cancer and a host of other problems.

She was eating Little Debbie snack cakes.

So there you have it. Here is a morbidly obese lady at the springs smoking, drinking soda and eating sugary snacks. REALLY??

Sometimes I actually do have blinders on. Really. Sometimes I think that all people that are heavy are trying to lose weight and will eat well and try to exercise;  this is just not the truth.

If this lady were to seek me out for advice to turn thing around I wouldn’t bombard her with “don’t do this and don’t do that”. That is not what she needs.

I would tell her to come to one class.

I would tell her to right down everything she ate for 4 days.

I would look at her food journal and have her ad a piece of fruit at breakfast and a serving of veggies at dinner.

Yes, simple and small changes.

Some help and encouragement and accountability is really what people need.

I do feel bad for people like this lady. I’m sure she has tried in the past to lose the weight and get healthy. I’m sure she got overwhelmed and confused by hype, marketing, half truths and scams. I really do feel bad because it happens all the time.

In my program I ask people to simply try one workout; then another workout, then a small change, then another small change. A couple of small goals. An extra walk…an extra workout.

It is a process and a progression. No one has results overnight but virtually everyone expects that.

I have been doing this job a long time. I live and breathe fitness 24 hours per day. I know exactly what people need to do to get fit. If you want to be a d live fit then I will make the same suggestion to you.

Take it one step and one workout at time. Come see me. I will help you. Let me guide you down the path to your new you….

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