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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why we are unhealthy?

Really there is no true answer to why American’s are fat, lazy and generally out of shape. Of course everyone has a theory and some of those theories are right although most are simply marketing ploys designed to make themselves money.

Welcome to America people!

I believe there is an overriding reason that the majority of us are sick and unhealthy.

It comes directly from Tony Robbins.

He says that every decision that we make is based on our desire to avoid pain or to create pleasure.

I believe that this is true.

Now,  we know that most Americans aren’t in very good shape. The major problem here is that we do not exercise enough. I think this I can confidently say. Why is this? I think it could be that people perceive exercise as being too hard. In other words it brings them great PAIN to exercise. True?

Now I believe that I could also say that Americans don’t eat the right food for the most part. Another true statement? Without thinking of the health consequences, what is our perception of unhealthy food? (By unhealthy food I’m talking about candy, pizza, soda, pasties etc. etc. Also, I’m talking about convenience foods that are easy to prepare but don’t add a lot of nutritional value to our diets. Things like chicken nuggets, hamburger helper and most cereals.)

It brings us PLEASURE, right? Why do we eat chocolate cake? Why do we eat apple pie? Why do we eat Skittles? Why do we drink Coke? Exactly.

So let’s look at the two conclusions that I just draw. We see exercise as PAIN and eating crappy food as PLEASURE.

Tony Robbins says that all our decisions are based on the desire to avoid pain and bring about pleasure.

Can anyone else so the connection here of is it just me?


  1. Sure I get the connection, now take it one step further. We have to get past the perceived feeling. Exercise/Pain, Crappy food/ pleasure, to the actual feelings which are the exact opposite. The problem is our need for immediate gratification. You have to have a concious thought in the moment, to make the right choice.
    You know that after you exercise you will feel the pleasure of accomplishment, and you know after you eat crappy food you will feel the pain of guilt.
    Why do we forget that all the time and make the wrong decisions?

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