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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Tearful Call

Got a tearful call today.

"I gained 5 lbs".

When you are trying to lose weight this could be a stressful event. OK scale time. Feeling good! Working out! Eating right! GAINED 5 lbs!!

Holy crap! What the.....

Relax. Let me explain. Weight will always fluctuate. Try weighting yourself all the time. You will see that number go up down and around. I've lost 15 lbs in a day before then gained it back in two. It happens. It's nothing to worry about; as a matter of fact that could be part of the problem. Exactly. Again, I shall explain .When you are worried, frustrated, stressed out... you get what I mean..... you can not and will not lose weight. This is just a fact. So, yes the problem will compound it's self. You get worried and frustrated that you can't program the scale yourself and BLAM! Now your REALLY not losing weight and likely going to gain some!!

Another thing is that your body will cycle. Sometimes your burning fat like it's no tomorrow and sometimes you are adding muscle. The body does what it is going to do! Don't worry about it! It happens! In the end you will win of you are doing the right things!

The stress factor is more than you even know. If you aren't getting the results that you want the FIRST thing you need to look at is your stress level. What is going on in your life? What can you eliminate? Who you you cut out of your life because they are infusing toxic levels of stress into your day?

Something to think about. Stress = acid = fat = death. Is that a simple equation?

What can you do to eliminate stress from your life?

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