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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspire me…inspire you

Here is my Facebook post from this morning:

“Still trying to decide which I like better: inspiring or being inspired.”

That’s deep stuff; even for me. So what does that mean and what is the answer?

The word inspire comes from a Latin word meaning “to breath upon or into”. Awesome. Guess we can’t do much if we are not inspired.

But is it better to inspire others. In other words, is it better to compel others to act. Or perhaps it’s better to get inspired because if we are compelled to act there really isn’t going to be much to us. Am I right?

I would argue that the balance of inspiration is way off. Way too many people are being inspired but yet not giving off inspiration. That’s not cool.

You give what you get, right?

I was talking to my Pastor just the other day. He told me how much of an inspiration I was to him. This is coming from a man whose JOB it is to inspire and compel others. Fantastic stuff.

I do the same thing he does. I get up each and every morning trying to inspire others. It is indeed a great life. Still I wonder if I give more than I get. Or perhaps I get inspired more than I inspire.

I know the answer.

It may surprise you. It actually may REALLY make you think about your impact and place in this world.
I believe that we cannot truly ever be happy if we do not EQUALLY inspire and be inspired. If you give so much that you can’t get anything back then you will feel hollow and empty. If you do nothing but take well then happiness will always be elusive.

It’s all about balance. What do you do to give back so that someone gives back to you? Yeah, this is very important thought provoking stuff. If you give nothing you should expect nothing. If you give nothing but expect to be given something (you know, like inspiration).

Where do you honestly stand?

Do you receive no inspiration?

Do you give no inspiration? Whom do you inspire?

My answer to my Facebook post is this: I need to be inspired to inspire. I may inspire people to do things but they inspire me when they do them.

I hope that makes sense.

Now go out there and inspire someone today; now be inspired. I shall do the same.

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