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Monday, November 8, 2010

Someones growin' a set

Recently I’ve had some spirited discussion on my Facebook page about a new regulation in San Francisco regarding the banning of the McDonalds “start obesity early” a.k.a “Happy” Meal. If you are a friend of mine you can see the comments by CLICKING HERE.

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The link to the article can be found by CLICKING HERE.

OK, done clicking?

This a great argument for which I have to take the side of what’s right and kinda ignore principle and politics.

I am a republican/libertarian and believe in small government. For the most part I don’t want them involved. This cannot be an all or nothing view. The government needs to help in MANY, MANY ways. We can’t just get a bunch of dudes from the bar together to go fight wars. The government does that. We all don’t come running anymore when a house is burning down. We have the government for that.

You get the drift.

Should the government really be restricting what we put into our bodies? Isn’t that our right and our choice? Yes and no.

Let’s look at a perfect example from years past. How about a battle that the government is winning; or at least not losing.


Smoking rates have gone WAY down. Sure there are still many morons that choose to smoke. Has the government helped to lower the rates? You bet they have!

Who else remembers smoking areas in schools, on planes, busses and airplanes? Gone, gone, gone and gone. How about taxes? A pack of smokes used to be wicked cheap. Now it is super expensive.

Do you see ads on TV anymore? Nope. The government made laws against that. I think all these regulations and taxes had the very good benefit of bringing smoking rates WAY DOWN.

I am good with that.

Now what about happy meals? Should be really give toys with a “meal” that only resembles food in smell and sight? These foods do nothing but kill you. Watch Supersize me. That dude gained 17 lbs in 30 days. Gross.

I don’t believe in too many regulations but some are needed to protect the ones that cannot protect themselves.

Sure it’s the job of the parents to feed the kids the right food. People make these mistakes and buy this crap for their kids all the time. It’s wrong. Do they have a choice? Yes. Should we as a people help them make that choice?


Parents raise there children not to murder; true? So since the parents “got it” why bother having laws?

The food giants are taking advantage of the consumer at every level. It is a travesty and it needs to stop. What we are doing isn’t working. The government needs to step to the plate. They need to do something.

What will 90% obesity look like in this country? It’s coming if we don’t get some control. Remember the government is US. They represent the people. If these food giants are being money grubbing bullies then WE (yes, the government) need to step up and say enough is enough.

Enough is enough.

The government needs to get out of bed with the food industry and start doing what is right. We need to start outlawing chemicals like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and red dye number whatever. Someone needs to grow a set around here.

Kudos to you San Francisco! Thank you for doing SOMETHING. What has Obama done? What did Bush do? What did Clinton do? Nothing, nothing, nothing.

A game is not one on the sidelines. Time to get in the action….

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