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Monday, November 22, 2010

Life 101

We are born.

Our parents love and nurture us. They take us to church. They teach us right from wrong. They make us play outside. We are taught respect and manners. We are fed healthy meals and we get plenty of exercise.

As we grow we go to school; we do well in school. Sometimes we make the honor roll and other times we don’t. We play and love sports. Our team wins the league title and vies for state honors. We graduate high school and enjoy the experience.

We go to college. We have fun and we learn. We do an internship with a big company and get great recommendations. We meet the love of our lives.

After college we find a “real job” and work our way up. We get married to the love of our life. We exercise and eat right so we are thin and fit.

The kids come. We buy a house. We have two cars and two kids. Our kids are awesome. They love us. They live the ideal lives that we lived. We marry off our kids and retire at 65 to travel and enjoy life. One day in our late 80’s or 90’s we simply go to bed one night and never wake up.

This is the ideal life.

This is a load of crap. Life is not like this for 99% of the world.

We are born. Our parents are too lazy to breast feed us so we are fed Soy based “formula” which is loaded with garbage. We pump in way to many vaccinations all at once because the drug companies make more money that way. We get sick over and over again because our immune system is totally messed up because of what I just said.

Our parents yell at us or ignore us. Our teachers aren’t fair. We get bullied. We smoke. We drink. We have sex. We get hurt. We get cut from the team. Some of us die. Some of us end up in jail. Some of us end up pregnant.

We may or may not go to college. We may even get kicked out of college. Some indeed are lucky enough to graduate and get real jobs.

We get fired. We can’t find work. Our spouse cheats. We have too many kids. We can’t have kids. We get divorced. We get cancer. We end up homeless. We declare bankruptcy. We look down one day to realize that we are 300 pounds.

OK, some do make it through their 20’s doing well. All the above can have in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

One day you have your fairy tale the next day the love of your life walks in and tell you he’s had a baby with another and he’s gone. Now you are single and broken hearted….



This is even depressing ME. There are some very clear and distinct points that I want to make today. This is going to make perfect sense and YOU already know this.

Life isn’t perfect. Life is what you make it. Life can also be VERY cruel. Life can be unfair. I’m still depressing you aren’t I? Sorry. Working on my point still.

Let’s make a list. Lists are fun. Here are 5 points that I want you to take away from this article.

1. Life is not a fairy tale. You want a fairly tail? MAKE ONE! Nurture your relationships. Follow your career passions to the end of the earth. Eat right. Exercise EVERY day. Not in a job you’re passionate about? Either make it your passion or find a new career. Out of shape? Call me 352-989-6795.

2. Life is not life like the movies. The happy endings are possible yes BUT you need to come up with those yourself.

3. The world is not ideal so we can’t be idealistic. What does that mean? When we are young we can, till we are blue in the face, say “I’ll never get divorced” or “I’ll never declare bankruptcy” or “I’ll never be homeless” or “I’ll never root for the Red Sox” or whatever. The reality? Life sometimes goes crazy and you have to do what you have to do. Circumstances cannot be predicted. I don’t mean that it is OK to do the above things BUT sometimes we need to accept what life has done.

4. Learn. If we don’t learn from life then we are losing the battle AND the war. It’s OK to lose some battles BUT we can’t lose the war. A happy and good life is possible no matter what. (That is what the war is; metaphorically speaking)

5. The future is perfect. What does that mean? Whatever happened in the past is not the definition of you. The definition of you is what happens in the future. Make it a good one. It is up to you.

Don’t live your life with regrets about the past. Live your life with passion for today and anticipation for the future. Do your best to do the right things and make the right choices.

And what if bad things happen again? Well then pick yourself up and fight on. Each day is a new day. Each day has promise and hope…. and the possibility of disaster. What fun would life be if life was all promise and hope?

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