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Monday, May 17, 2010

Watch out for SNAKES and BEARS and GATORS in class!!

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it many times again. I’ve done this for a very long time. I’m been in fitness basically my entire life. I have heard it all. I have heard all the excuses and all the reasons that people aren’t healthy or aren’t on board their fitness journey.

I was in a store a few months back and bumped into “Big Mike”. Mike had been in my Boot Camp class but had just stopped coming. From him I actually got a little honestly. He told me, “I guess it wasn’t my time.” A little honesty from a 300 pound man is a good thing. I just hope that it becomes his time to get going before it becomes his time to go; if you know what I mean.

Most people aren’t that honest. Fear is emotion that people use to scare themselves right out of working out.

When I owned a workout studio in New Hampshire I remember a teacher won a free 5 session package of personal training with the Guru. That’s a valuable prize! Mutual friends had told me that she wanted to work out with me but didn’t call me because she was scared.

SCARED? WTH. Could some please tell me what that means?

I’m jesting, of course. I know what it means. It’s still not a good excuse.
I heard the same thing again a few weeks ago about a person that wanted to come to class but was “scared”. To those people and others that may be “scared” I would ask this:

What is the worst case scenario?

In other words what are you scared is going to happen? Is a snake going to bite you? Are you going to fall off a cliff? Will you have you speak in public? Die?

Do you know that when people list their fears more people are afraid of speaking in public than of dying? That means that most people would rather be in the coffin then delivering the eulogy. People are crazy. Anyway.

What I wanted to do with this article today was to dispel some myths about that I do and what my program is all about. I hope that this will encourage some people that have been on the fence to get involved! THAT is the key!

When a new person comes to my class I tell them three basic things:

• Workout in your bubble. Do NOT worry about ANYONE else.
• The goal is to just MOVE for the hour.

Now before you even learn any specifics about what goes on in a class shouldn’t this put your mind at ease. The first thing that people need to realize is that the point of the class is for the person in the mirror to get better and be better. That’s it. There is nothing to be scared of. No monsters or snakes here. (THAT would be scary!)
When I teach a class I would estimate that 70-80% of the movement patterns that we do are functional body weight exercises. This means no resistance and weights.

Sometimes we do add some kettlebells and or bands for variety but not all the time. For the most part you are simply moving your own body as best you can. It is yours after all.

There are valid issues that people have that restrict certain movements. This is actually quite common. Usually it is general weakness that can be overcome but often times it is a more serious issue that needs to be watched. Specifically this usually involves knees, backs, and shoulders. We currently have people in our programs right now that have serious problems with one or more of these issues. Just because there is a road block doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way around it.

One example is Elle. Elle had a pretty serious shoulder ouch. We go around this road block by substituting extra leg exercises for the shoulder stuff. Debbie has a knee ouch. Sorry Deb but the priority of losing the weight overrides the knee pain. We have agreed that she needs to push through the discomfort and get on with it. Kelly and Tracy both have disk issues. We are SUPER carful with them. We are going around those road blocks.

Injuries are a reason to readjust not an excuse to hang your hat on.

So what does a typical class look like?

I don’t know. I’ve never seen one. We do a lot of creative and different things. Sometimes we do lots of repetitions and sometimes not. We do circuits and countdowns. Count-ups and games. Challenges and contests. Some of the workouts are fun and some, well not so much. All are results driven and functional. Sweating is required.

Yes we do some running. Some people can’t run. That’s fine. They walk. We do push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Most can do these. As discussed already the ones that cannot get to do something else.


What’s that?

“OK, all together now, 25 jumping jacks. BEGIN 1, 2, 3… you’re not keeping up Mary…” We just don’t do that.

With my class it’s more like this, “45 seconds of jumping jacks. GO!” Mary might do 10 while Jim does 25 while Debi does 75. Everyone encourages each other. Remember the bubble thing I mentioned before. Everyone does what HE or SHE needs to do to get a good workout.

What is most important is not how many jumping jacks you do but how many you do NEXT TIME! That’s the key. Getting better is the goal.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what my fitness classes are like. They really are for almost every one. It’s amazing to watch a star athlete do a workout next to a green beginner know that both are getting what they need from the workout. (AND ECOURAGING EACH OTHER!)

Make sure to look at the testimonials page on my website to see what ACTUAL peoples think of the program that I teach:

I leave you with one final thought. I don’t like to bad mouth other instructors or other programs and I won’t here. I don’t need to. I’m the best and nobody will argue with that. Please remember this fact when you are choosing a program to launch your fitness journey:

“My life’s mission is to do what I do. Each and every second of my life that I breathe air I am focused on making YOU better. If I’m not actively teaching a class or training a client I am writing or blogging or updating my Facebook status with the aim and goal of getting you into my program so that I can help. THIS IS MY LIFE! I do not have a job and teach a class. I live my life to teach my class and it shows in the quality of my program. My life’s mission is this: “To inspire and motivate others to be and do their best.” This includes YOU! This is why I am here. I’m not here to do this part-time. I’m not here to get rich. I am THE FITNESS GURU. My life has a true purpose and I am blessed in that way. Now how can I help you?”
12 week program begins June 1st. Do you want to be part of it?

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