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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I like it when people get results. Being better on week 12 than week one is the absolute pinnacle of fitness success.

No education today. No cleaver quotes. No research. Today it’s cold, hard facts.

People succeeding. Awesome.

In 12 weeks Ellie, a lady in her late 4o’s improved her push-ups score from 17 to 52 and her sit-up score 34-62. Nice.

Christine proved that hard work and effort can move mountains. While losing 12 lbs she improved her mile time by one minute! Also, her push-up score went from 15 to 41! That’s fantastic!

Kim Baggett has been an amazing success story. Kim made a commitment to improve and improve she did! Here is what she did in the course of 6 weeks by COMMITTING to doing well in a team challenge: (in her own words cut and pasted!)

Did 1,000 burpees
Did 2 5K races
I came to four of your workouts a week for 10 weeks of the challenge (missed only one day).
I brought 1 friend to the program (Jim)
I came to two of your workouts in one day.
I am your friend on Facebook, joined the fan page “Lake County Spring Trail Running Series” and joined “The Fitness Journey”.
I did 100 burpees in one day 2 times.

How is that for getting it done big time? Oh yeah. At the first assessment she couldn’t do the whole mile so she did a half mile in 6:03. Last night she ran the entire mile in 11:20. Her push-up score improved from 39 to 61. I guess the icing on the cake was the 14 lbs that she lost. Make sure to check out her story at:

Shane Sherman lost 9 lbs in 12 weeks. Nice. Going from 27 to 85 with his push-up total was more impressive though. Shane is a runner but still managed to improve his mile time by 44 seconds. Unbelievable!

What a trooper Darlene has been! She has worked so hard! In the first assessment she, like Kim, didn’t even try the whole mile. Last night she RAN the whole thing in 10:23! Darlene also did her first 5k a couple of weeks ago and it was a trail race! I guess the fact that her push-up score improved from 49 to 70 is pretty good as well. I guess. (!!!)

Losing 5 lbs is no easy task for ladies that are already less than 130 lbs. That’s just what Shellie Gold did! From 40 push-ups to 60 push-ups is no small task as well. Oh it gets better. Mile: 13:44 to 11:05. Holy CRAP. Wow! That’s over 2 and a half minutes! AMAZING!

Cindy did some amazing herself. Losing 5 lbs is a good. Improving form 22 to 50 with push-ups is nice. 30 to 53 with sit-ups is a good score. Cindy is another person that really improved with her running. First assessment was a half mile in 7:14. 12 weeks later she did the entire mile in 11:36. Who says that you can’t improve when you are in your mid-50’s!!

Dana Jones improved both push-ups and sit-ups. 32-46 and 30-46 respectively.
Shawna Sherman at the first assessment did 40 push-ups on her knees. In just 12 weeks she went from her knees to full push-ups on her toes and did 10 more. That’s right; she blasted out 50 MAN push-ups! That’s AWESOME!

The results I just listed: They were spectacular!

Is this a culmination of years of hard work? No.

Are all these people from all the years that I’ve been doing this fitness thing? No.
This was last night and three months ago. This was one class.

Almost everyone is the program had a spectacular result. Some people like Kim (14lbs) , Cara (10lbs), Shane (9 lbs), Karen (6 lbs in 4 weeks), and Kelly (8 lbs in 4 weeks) have lost weight.

Others have gains strength.

Still others have gained endurance. Improving your mile time by 45 seconds or more?

That’s crazy.

Hard work.





Add to that the proper coaching and you get a group of people that are succeeding at the highest level. If the above isn’t motivational than I don’t know what is.

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