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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No Surprise here

You have to check out this article from from today. Perhaps you've seen it had been shocked. I was not.

"Pfizer's corrupt practices went so far as sending physicians on exotic junkets as well as wining and dining health care professionals to persuade them to prescribe the company's drugs for patients in taxpayer-funded programs."


"Shares of Pfizer dropped 14 cents to $16.24 in midday trading."

Ouch! That must hurt! Killing a few people needlessly lops 14 cents of the bottom line. Let's try to avoid that guys.

Drug companies are publicly traded companies. That means they have a legal obligation to the shareholders to make money. BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY. This includes deceptive marketing and killing a few people.

With all this health care mess why aren't people talking about this? Why are we still observing a ridiculous vaccine schedule for diseases that don't work? Why are we giving people that smoke and drink heavily blood pressure and cholesterol medicine? Why are we giving ADHD drugs to kids that simply have food allergies? What a mess this thing is.

Is Obama care going to fix it? Can you imagine a world where the drug companies are not "For Profit"? Maybe then the goal would be to make people well instead of keep them sick.

If all were well and didn't need drugs what would Pfizer do then?

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