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Friday, August 14, 2009

67% of American's are overweight. Holy CRAP!

America is fat. The statistics do not lie. Check out this website:

According to the about site in 1991 (the year I graduated from high school) there were 4 states in the highest obesity category at the time. (15-19%) This means that 46 states had rates of obesity below 15% while only 4 were in the 15-19% category. No states were 20%+.

Fast forward 11 years. Why do we look 11 years later? That’s how long it took for at 50 states to be into the 15-19% category. Gulp. By this time 3 states had leapfrogged over the 20-24% category to the 25-29% category. This is awful!

OK, now let’s go to the last year we have stats: 2007. Any question as to which way the trend is going? In 2007, just 16 years after I graduated from high school (I’m 36 years only, for crying our loud) only one state is left in the 15-19% range. Just one! A full 27 states are in the 25-29% category! This is up from 3 states in 2002. Now we have 3 states in 30%+. My god, what in the world are we doing to ourselves?

Is it safe to say that the rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, autism, et. al. are going up as well?

Whatever we are doing as a nation is not working. It’s time to go rogue. What follows are 5 simple (and FREE) tips that will help you lose weight AND get healthy. Remember: You’re rogue now, the system is not working!

1. Fad diets don’t work. Don’t even try. I say this about fad diets: If they worked long term wouldn’t we all be on them and the obesity rates would be going down? Fad diets in general restrict your calories and may help you lose water weight for a while. In the long run all that happens is that your metabolism gets slowed down so that when (not if) you give in to your cravings your weight balloons back up! I once asked a person if he knew anybody that had results on the fad diet that he was on. He said that he had. Who? “Me! I lost over 40 lbs!” Dude, you gained it back that’s why you are on that stupid diet AGAIN! Trust me. None of them work long term for most people.

2.Drink water. I heard recently that you should drink ½ you body weight in ounces of water per day. For me at 166 lbs that 83 ounces per day. 128 ounces in a gallon so that’s between a ½ gallon and ¾ of a gallon (2-3 litters) per day. I’ll do that. Will you? It always amazes me the number of people that won’t drink water of consume that Crystal Light crap or even soda. That’s just plain dumb. Remember people: What we are doing isn’t working!

3. Eat only NATURAL foods. OK, here’s a test. Which is the natural food? Bagels or apples? Eggs or pancakes? Blueberries or chocolate? Water or apple juice? Brown rice or white rice? (That’s a tough one. The white rice is completely void of nutrition. The word “enriched” just means that they took all the good stuff out and replaced it with synthetic crap that does you no good. Brown rice is good.) Sugar or honey? Chicken or tofu? (Another tricky one. Tofu can also be spelled C – R – A – P) Sunflower seeds of pop tarts? I could go on all day. If it has chemicals or sugar in it then it is not natural and thus NO GOOD.

4. Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. What do you eat? See number 3.

5. Eat a HUGE breakfast, good sized lunch, and a small dinner with plenty of snacking in between. Don’t eat between meals? What a load of horse sh…. What do you eat? See number 3.

There you have it. 5 FREE tips that can change your life if you just forget all the garbage you read and hear about on TV and in the glossy magazines. If what they say worked wouldn’t we all be thin and disease free. I feel generous today. Here are 4 more tips to living your best life.

1.Better yourself by doing some research. Check out the following websites with an open mind:

2. Run or volunteer at The Maui Mile on September 20th.

3. Hire me as your personal trainer. You invest money in lots of things. Shouldn’t one of them be your health? For a relatively small investment I could change your life.

“I just want to thank you for helping my husband. You have been the first "thing" to really get him motivated. I have never seen him work so hard before. He has been struggling with this weight for a while now and I was afraid he was just growing content with his lifestyle. But I really see a difference in him, mentally and physically. He has the bug. I heard him say for the first time, "when I get this weight off." He used the word "when". So thank you for all that you do to keep both of us going and striving for a better lifestyle. He has tried many different things and has not kept up with any of them until now!!! Thank you. He is starting to see the results. This is very exciting! – The spouse YMCA personal training client.

4. Do something different. Try Zumba, take a cycling class, go geocaching, train for a marathon, play soccer, go canoeing, play dodge ball, challenge your kid to a race…. Who cares what it is. Just get out the door and do something different!

I’m serious about everything in this email. You should be also if you want results! It’s time to go ROGUE. The system is broke. Don’t go down with it!


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